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    Westone UM3XRC w/ Stage93 93SPEC Silver Cable Aurisonics ASG-1S Rev 1.3 w modified Stage93 93PC Copper Cable Sennheiser HD650 w/ Modified J.A.Harmonic Quadraweave OCC Cable Beyerdynamics DT770AE AKG K440 Brainwavz R1
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    Modified Bottlehead Crack Fiio E17 XDuoo XP1
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    Samsung Galaxy S2+ > USB OTG Fiio E17 XDuoo XP1 Stoner Acoustics UD100 HRT MusicStreamer II+
  1. wts a HRT MusicStreamer II+, used for around 1 year+ and out of warranty. slight cosmetic damage, but otherwise fully functional and in good condition. Selling for ~300 Interested buyers pls drop me a msg through whatsapp at 96130188, thx!
  2. I'm not actually selling any Sansa Clips, but is anyone interested in buying it if I bought some new stock from Amazon in the US?
  3. Bump, item is up for sale again.
  4. Selling one Fiio E17 that was bought back in 2012 when it was first released straight from mp4nation. It is in very good condition with no cosmetic damages and is fully functional but I do not have the box and optical adapter and it is out of warranty. Comes with the silicon straps, soft case and original Fiio L8 lineout. Asking for $120, PM if interested or whatsapp 96130188, thanks.
  5. For sale is one of my own DIY creations, this is an 8 braid 3.5mm interconnect cable built using Double Helix Cables' Neucleotide OCC 7N Copper Wire. This is basically a custom DIY'ed DHC Macromolecule Interconnect. Product Brand/Model: Reference 8 Double Helix Cables 3.5mm interconnect (5 inches) Warranty: Nil Description: DIY'ed interconnect, constructed using 8 strands of 5" Double Helix Cable Nucleotide Wire. The DHC Nucleotide Wire is 7N OCC Copper at 24AWG. Currently I have two of these cables for sale, one is soldered using Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder and the other using Mundorf SilverGold MSolder. Both cables are terminated by Double Helix Cables' 3.5mm plug. Both cables are sleeved with Techflex. Condition: Brand new. (DIY) Estimated Current Retail Price (brand new): Approx USD150 / SGD188 (DHC Macromolecule) Asking for SGD 110 PM me or email me at nicktam1994sg@gmail.com I'm only available over weekends though, local pickups only.
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