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    USB DAC?

    Matrix Mini-i Pro and Matrix X-sabre works with ipad and iphone running on iOS7 now. http://matrix-digi.com/en/Service-and-Support/downloads.html
  2. Mini-i Pro can be detected by iphone and ipad running on iOS 7 now, dsd playback on iphone and ipad are now achievable! http://matrix-digi.com/en/Service-and-Support/downloads.html
  3. Matrix Mini-i Pro DSD DAC headphone amp/pre-amp@699, free USB Cable @ $79 New stock of Matrix Mini-i Pro is in now, selling at $699, available in both silver and black colour. Stock is rather limited. Here are the reviews for mini-i pro http://www.headfonia.com/matrix-mini-i-budget-combo/ http://www.head-fi.org/products/matrix-mini-i-pro/reviews/10548 And here is some personal feedback from other people in headfi http://www.head-fi.org/t/695880/matrix-mini-i-pro-impressions/45#post_10268564 Apparently mini-i pro is on par with Teac UD-501 and have an additional control, a good pair for sennheiser HD800 or Audeze LCD-2! Comes with free audiophile grade 0.75m USB Cable worth $79 Dollars. The free cable is while stock lasts. Once finished, no more. For people who are curious about the sound quality, please do not hesitate to email us at sales@whizzyaudio.com or whatsapps/sms us at nine-eight-two-six-5-eight-9-two now! Our humble demo room is at below address (beside Taiseng MRT (circleline), exit Citimac Industrial Complex 605 MacPherson Rd Block A, #03-06 S(368239)
  4. We have a new DAC + Headphone AMP + Pre-AMP Matrix HPA-2 (USB), black only in stock for $419 Stock is running out fast, and silver is being sold out. It is one of the best bang of buck headphone amp. More details in the below links http://matrix-digi.com/en/products/53/index.html Interested party, please kindly email us at sales@whizzyaudio.com or contact us at nine-eight-three-seven-one-one-nine-three There are many reviews for the predecessor HPA-1, and I can say this one is much better as it is using x-mos USB chip, Burr Brown PCM1793 DAC chip. http://www.head-fi.org/products/matrix-m-stage-hpa-2-w-usb-dac/reviews/10470 It is perfect match for sennheiser HD800 and AKG K701!
  5. we are currently having a stock clearance for the items below: 1) Matrix X-SDPIF @$268 Usual Price: $329 Only 2 sets left (Black) 2) Matrix Mini-portable @$328 (89 dollars off) Usual Price: $419 Only 1 set of each color left 3) Audiobyte Hydra-X @ 888 (400 dollars off) Usual Price: $1288 A battery powered USB interface that out-performed many built-in USB inputs of DACs 4-5 times it's price !!! Please kindly note that a few of them are demonstration sets, but rest assured that they are fully functional and no cosmetic damage like scratches. Standard Limited Warranty of 1 year applies for all the items purchased. The offer is only valid while stock lasts ! Interested Party, please sms/whatapps 9-8-3-seven-1193 or email us at sales@whizzyaudio.com Thanks.
  6. Matrix Audio Mini-I Pro is open for pre-ordering now @ $669!!! Original Price is $699 Preorder starts now and will closed @17-Jan-2014 Sets are really limited. For people who are curious about the sound quality, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with us at http://whizzyaudio.c...intment-booking, or email us at sales@whizzyaudio.com or whatsapps/sms us at nine-eight-two-six-five-eight-nine-two now! Our humble demo room is at below address (beside Taiseng MRT (circleline), exit Citimac Industrial Complex 605 MacPherson Rd Block A, #03-06 S(368239) Below is the detailed specification DAC Specification ESS Technology ES9016 Sabre Ultra 32-bit DAC 9016 8 mono to 2 stereo configuration, four D/A converters per channel Support DSD64,DSD128 over USB Digital Input Coaxial: 16-24Bit /44.1kHz、48kHz、88.2kHz、96kHz、176.4kHz、192kHz Optical: 16-24Bit /44.1kHz、48kHz、88.2kHz、96kHz、176.4kHz、192kHz AES/EBU: 16-24Bit /44.1kHz、48kHz、88.2kHz、96kHz、176.4kHz、192kHz USB: 16-24Bit /44.1kHz、48kHz、88.2kHz、96kHz、176.4kHz、192kHz、352.8kHz、384kHz System Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1Need to install the driver Mac OS X10.6.4 Native support Mac OS X10.6.4 and above Analog Output RCA Output Level: 2Vrms at 0dBFS XLR Output Level: 4Vrms at 0dBFS(XLR:1=GND,2=HOT,3=COLD) Frequency Response: 20Hz(+0.01dB)~20KHz(-0.03dB) SNR: 115dB 0dBFS unweighted 117dB 0dBFS A-weighted THD+N: 0.0006% @ 1KHz 0dBFS Cross Talk: -125dB @ 1kHz Headphone Output Impedance: 12ohms
  7. We are having a Christmas sales for the below Matrix Audio Products, please hurry before stock runs out and promotion over. 1) Matrix X-Sabre 32/384 DSD64/128 DAC- $1299 Only (Original Price $1499), only left 3 sets! Black Only 2) Matrix X-Spdif USB to spdif converter (24/192, using xmos usb interface) - $289, only left 2 sets! Black Only 3) Matrix mini- portable -$ 375, available in red, blue and black (only left 1 of each color) battery operated DAC (USB + spdif + optical) + headphone amp with step adjustable knob ! Interested party please kindly sms/whatapps nine-eight-two-six-five-eight-nine-two or email sales@whizzyaudio.com for audition!
  8. Dear All, Clearing our demo set Matrix Audio M-Stage @ 20% off ($275) It is black in color, http://www.head-fi.o.../matrix-m-stage http://www.head-fi.o.../matrix-m-stage Interested party, please email us at sales@whizzyaudio.com for demo. Three months warranty will be given
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