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  1. Hi, I am letting go of this headset since I have settled on another gaming headset. Bought it in May 2019 so still have warranty left. I have only used it for <20 hours and it is still in very good condition. The box and all the accessories are included. The headphone stand in the attached picture is my own and it does not come with the headphone purchase. So the stand will not be included. Offering it at 70SGD which is about half the price of a new one. PM me at 81801382 if you are interested.
  2. Are you interested in any trade option? I am very intrested in Audezes, yet I cannot add additional phone in my inventory.
  3. I would like to sell Schiit Asgard (original Asgard, without the variable gain switch and pre amp outs) and Govibe Magnum. I am hardly using them these days and would like to clear some space. Schiit Asgard Very good condition. SN 001695. Will provide an AC power cord. More than four years of warranty left. Asking for 330 SGD (negitiable). Govibe Magnum (Amp & Dac in a small box) Very good condition. Never used with battery before. Comes with AC to DC adapter, and USB cable for the dac secion. Asking for 330 SGD (negotiable) Interested members, plz email me at yzarni89@gmail.com or sms 81801382 for a quick comm. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Wanting to sell my D2000 (SOLD) and D600. D2000 - Bought in last year June - SOLD D600 - Bought in last year August - Asking for 470SGD (negotiable) Used rarely and sparingly for a few months. Mostly stored away since Jan 2013. All iniital accessories intact with box for both phones. I do not find much use for these phones for quite a while. Hence the reason for listing. If interested, pls PM me or drop me an email at yzarni89@gmail.com. Thanks.
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