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  1. 1. MrSpeakers Mad Dog Pro Site: https://mrspeakers.c...es/mad-dog-pro/ Review: http://www.head-fi.o...og-pro-a-review Year of Purchase: 2014, local unit. Warranty: No Condition: 9.5/10 - Hardly used, looks almost brand new. Retail Price: S$699 Price: S$400 OBO. Comes with original box. 2. AKG K701 Site: http://www.akg.com/pro/p/k701 Review: http://www.thomann.de/gb/akg_k701.htm (4.6/5 stars from 478 reviews) AKG's previous flagship headphones. Open-backed and dynamic. Very similar sound: clear, precise, very large soundstage. Year of Purchase: 2011, USA Warranty: No Condition: 8/10 - Ear pads are worn but they are replaceable. Slight scuffs on the ear cups. AKG printing above the earcup is worn. Overall still a beautiful pair of earphones. Retail Price: S$599. Amazon sells them for US$318. Price: S$120 OBO. It comes with an AKG headphone stand specially made for the K701. 3. HIFIMAN HE560 Year of Purchase: 2014, China Warranty: No Condition: 9.8/10 - No visible signs of wear. Looks brand new. Retail Price: S$1299. Price: S$800 OBO. Comes with original wooden box with metal cover. 4. Schiit Vali 1 Site: http://schiit.com/products/vali Review: http://headphone.gur...hone-amplifier/ Year of Purchase: 2014, USA Warranty: 5 mths left Condition: 9.8/10 - No visible signs of wear on the amp. Looks brand new. Retail Price: S$220. Price: S$120 OBO. Prices are negotiable. Please SMS/Whatsapp any questions or offers to 9 six 3 2 6 five 7 one. Pictures of the items are available upon request. Thanks for viewing! EDIT: Prices Reduced.
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