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  1. mukegile

    Dremel hand tool

    firefox.. where can we find such carbide bits for the minidrill ?
  2. mukegile

    nonOS Dac

    ah...plenty of thread and articles about Non OverSampling....u can run a search in echoloft..there was a thread about it sometimes ago.. , i'm a believer in Non OS - DAC.. TDA1543. TDA1541A,.. mr Yeo of diyparadies has a simple non-OS kit that u might want to try.... http://www.diyparadise.com/dackit/dackit.html hope that helps.
  3. mukegile


    yes., this is an interesting amps. but quite difficult to find those low voltage tubes locally... , let us know if u able to source..., i'm interested on those low voltage tubes
  4. mukegile


    U can take a look on S.E.X....by Doc bottlehead...at their web bottlehead.com , this is a one tube experimenter set...that can work with headphones... and speakers... but that would be high-efficiency kind of speakers... 90dB and above....
  5. if those imported goods declared value above 400$ then got to pay GST 5% of total purchase value...., and probably DHL/Fedex will charge u.. around $10 to clear custom.
  6. mukegile

    Question of rail splitter

    may be we want to explore some articles on balance power; eq; ,. http://www.equitech.com/articles/bpng.html
  7. mukegile


    thanks man..., i'll check with frankie, last time i ask about carbon then he mention about his kiwame,...
  8. mukegile


    Guys..... , any sources for Carbon Resistor locally ?,....like those allen -bradley.. by the way.. some funny pics...http://www.anothersite.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=55296
  9. mukegile

    Anywhere to by Silver wire locally?

    yap...Roberts runs the shop only by appointment..on Sat/ Sundays.... the guy had been in the DIY industies for more than 10 years.... i bought his copper OCC more than 20 metres... my comment: very good for internal speaker wires., by the way : the silver occ that he sells is around 16~17bucks per/meter (if i can remember correctly), if u guys plan a visit there , count me in.... and be prepared urself on the wonderful world of "fullrange" speakers and low power tube gears .....
  10. mukegile

    DIY session

    Hi Bram...., hi guys..., sorry for not participating in da' forum lately..... (hard times @ work ) ...not even touch audio for the past 3-4 weeks.. what I would suggest...perhaps... probably some gathering... exchange words and some DIY guy can do a mod, then we can watch how he handle the solder / components..etc... U will be amazed , how much you can learn from watching ...and of course asking question to the groups... how bout that
  11. mukegile

    DIY stuff @ good price

    Guys.... , a friend forwarded me a link about CD-Pro2 Kit, (description says, kit launched date...somewhere in Oct) if u interested;........ http://www.audio-wiki.com/gallery/ http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/viewtop...p=110855#110855 ...
  12. mukegile

    Sony XA3000ES Headphone out clips

    well...it's a very subjective topics.. different people has different ears and perceive and prefer differently form one another... , wheter u can hear the difference , u have to try it by urself.... if u can't hear any differences...then "why spend the "megabucks" on it" ? buying audio equipment is ...buying something that u can "hear & enjoy".... not because the audio-guru says "he can HEAR it"
  13. mukegile

    Flavors of Audio Op-Amps

    .......2228.....good pick Bram ...probably we should try it on 4D..., who knows ... it can finance for more projects...
  14. mukegile

    DIY stuff @ good price

    yap...the CD Rom controller and the DAC looks interesting... I did read somewhere that diyzone no longer accepts order for the CDPro kit....is it true ?
  15. mukegile


    Well.., I've the honoured to audition it personally..., what I can say ..is... 'Very Nice Workmanship and well planed " Bravo Bram...!!...