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  1. Update of 2016.03.01: Temporary Price Drop! Now lowered from US$2018 to US$1827!!! Greetings! This is quite a professional piece of equipment so if you don't already know about it, I can't really explain it all in this post! However, if you need to know more, please contact me. Details are lower down. In a nutshell though, it's a portable digital recorder that professionals use to record from anything really... You can use it to digitize your Vinyl collection, record direct PCM digital from CDs, DVDs, YouTube and other online sources, record from microphone direct and so on... It will also record up to 4 channels simultaneously (up to two different stereo sources) at up to 192kHz and to up to 3 different media simultaneously (Internal HDD, SD Card & External Attached HDD) just in case one fails. You can also link it to more Sound Devices recorders if you want to record more than just 4 channels simultaneously! (Eg.: Connect another 744T or a 702T to add another 4 or 2 channels respectively and you can daisy chain more units if you want 12, 10 or however many channels!) You can also just use it for it's DACs or headphone amp which has a powerful, warm and forgiving sound! All that can be done on battery power alone and off the noisy power grid! Or take it with you on holiday or to a friend's house etc... See the Stereophile review of the baby 722 model: http://www.stereophi...qTXQg2EYW5GE.97 They liked it enough to give it a class A rating and continue to do so till today: http://www.stereophi...JEo6aEO09GTI.97 Product Webpage is here: http://www.sounddevi.../recorders/744t In case you don't know how Sound Devices nomenclature works, the 722 is a two-channel recorder/one stereo source only and can record to both HDD and Flash) and has no temperature controlled precision clocking. The 702 is the same but can record to only CF Card. It has no internal HDD. The 702T is the same as that but with that precision clocking. So the 744T is the daddy within the class and can do 4 channels to both internal HDD, CF and has precision clocking too. I would say that if you're an audio nut, then you'll be like me and have more than one DAC and that's where the 744T can also be used as a system to easily output to two DACs. Needless to say, it's an entire system in one with its own ADCs, DACs, HDD for storing files/music, headphone amp, reference-level oven/temperature-controlled master clock (which itself would cost a few $k on its own), XLR inputs and outputs and more! It's pretty much the industry standard for field recorders for music and especially the film and tv industry. If somehow you don't like the built-in ADCs, then add one your own (or two) to the 744T and get it to record digital-in only. Don't like the built-in DACs? Then add one of your own at the digital outputs. You can add two and use the unit as a source switcher as well. Route the analogue/digital inputs and outputs however you wish! The unit is with Sound Devices (in the US) for refurbishing/upgrading to meet latest specs now so when you buy it, it will come like new with their support should anything go wrong! It looks like new too and becasue I'm not actually a field professional but a home enthusiast, the unit has never been abused or brought outdoors! Most other units on sale will have quite literally been brought out into the field, bounced about and seen direct sunlight and so on... This unit will easily handle a tough environment though and its reputation is outstanding. All that stuff doesn't come cheap however and its built-in ADCs, DACs and masterclock are not run-of-the-mill things. A new unit will set you back around US$4300 new or SG$6000. I'm offering it for sale at US$2100 or SG$2910 (negotiable slightly) or at a discount if purchased with some of my other things for sale below: CONTACT INFO.: Remember to contact me if you'd like to chat about hi-fi stuff or how you plan to link this up to your system! I'm an enthusiast and would gladly share my knowledge. If you're in Singapore (+65), SMS me at 8123-9701. You can also get me at gmail with username "pureiridium" if you're overseas. OTHER THINGS FOR SALE: 1. Bel Canto DAC3 (http://www.echoloft....&num=1456826788 OR http://www.head-fi.o...llent-condition) 2. Bel Canto PRe3 Pre-Amplifer. [sold] (http://www.echoloft....&num=1449887733 OR http://www.head-fi.o...3-pre-amplifier) 3. Apogee Big Ben Master Clock (used as my digital front-end to clean out jitter and as well as to function as a switch between my various equilisers and DACs. (http://www.echoloft.....pl?board=hifi action=display&num=1456826962) Even more detailed info on the particular unit itself: Long story short, the unit is like new basically because it's currently with Sound Devices (it's been with them for a while now) and when you buy it, it will come direct from them (if you're in CONUS) with their usual great customer service and support should the unit not be functioning properly and so on... It originally went back to SD for faulty two metering LEDs (as shown in the pictures. It's a common problem in the first few hours of use from the sheer number of LEDs the thing has. After a few bad LEDs are replaced, it won't likely re-occur again.) and at the same time, they also replaced and upgraded a bunch of things to make it up to spec with a new unit. So what you're buying here is basically a refurbished unit straight from the Sound Devices! I will also cover all shipping costs if you're in CONUS. The unit has no cosmetic damage at all and because I'm not a profesional (more of a home hi-fi user), the thing has never been fielded and was only used for its clocking and as an ADC/DAC. If you do decide to buy the unit, the only trouble you have to put up though is with communications and payment! Once a sale is agreed, I will: 1. Put the buyer in a 3-way e-mail loop (between me, Sound Devices CS & you the buyer). That way you can be sure that the unit is really with them and that this ain't no scam. Then: 2a. I will need the buyer to pay Sound Devices direct for the works/parts/services and shipping -whatever needed for them to send the unit off to reach you, the buyer. (Alternatively, you if for any reason you would prefer to pay to only once party, then you can pay me the full sum via Paypal. In that case, skip 2b. and go straight to step 3.) 2b. I said I will absorb the shipping cost so whatever the buyer pays to Sound Devices, take that sum and minus that from the agreed sales price. Paypal me that balance. (Alternatively as mentioned in 2a above, you if for any reason you would prefer to pay to only once party, then you can pay me the full sum via Paypal.) 3. Once I receive the funds, I will then send the "all-clear" e-mail to Sound Devices and they'll go ahead and send the unit to the buyer. 4. Finally, the AC adaptor, Firewire filter, manual and battery are with me so I'll send that over to the buyer for free too. (I'm located in Singapore). Clear as mud? Just e-mail me! CONTACT: gmail. My username is pureiridium. I can chat about anything you want to know about the unit, how it might fit into your system etc or just shoot the breeze about audio in general! If you're concerned about my lack of activity on these forums, also be aware that I am also a long-time member on Head-Fi and CandlePowerForums.com and am known as "Flea Bag" on those forums. I've done thousands of dollars worth of flashlight sales at CPF especially, so I hope that and the verification from Sound Devices personnel that the recorder is with them is enough for you to feel comfortable about buying from me! If that still doesn't do it, contact me and we'll work out something out! Really! Is a chunk of money we're talking about here, so I can understand if you want extra verification! Please get in touch! gmail! username: pureiridium Sales threads on Head-Fi.org: http://www.head-fi.o....00-hd650-cable Sales threads on CandlePowerForums.com: http://www.cpfmarket....anywhere!-ISGP http://www.cpfmarket....highlight=isgp http://www.cpfmarket....-Polarion-PH50 http://www.panjo.com....d-isgp-214151? http://www.panjo.com....d-isgp-198762?
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