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  1. For Sale is my beloved Bel Canto DAC3. 2016.03.01 Update: Price temporarily lowered from SG$1200 to SG$1100... Note: There were some guys who have contacted me regarding this unit a few months ago, but I was uncertain about selling it at the time and have lost your contact numbers! If you see this and are still interested, please get back to me at (SMS) 8123-9701... Thanks... It looks like new and has been kept in a humidity controlled home-theater-like environment (same as the other things I have for sale right now) where it's never even seen direct sunlight. Have the original box, remote and everything that you'd get if bought new and because of the environment in which it's used, there's no oxidation on the contacts/connectors either. All nice and shiny! This thing was reference grade when it came out and definitely more pleasant sounding than many run-of-the-mill Sabre-based DACs. It sounds neutral but yet musical and smooth, which is something a lot of DACs these days may have difficulty doing. Read the Stereophile review to see how well it measures too, even by recent standards! You can upgrade it to a "VB" version, but you'll get a slightly more unforgiving sound and might even lose a bit of musicality. Read the review to see that the VB may not necessarily measure better. I really think this is the sweet spot of Burr Brown DACs. Latest doesn't mean best! I listen to a lot of 80s and some modern stuff too and it has never got harsh or sibilant and has just a tiny bit of warmth that is characteristic of the Bel Canto house-sound. It's very versatile too with balanced and unbalanced outputs and a range of inputs and can function as a pre-amp as well! However, to get best resolution, I would recommend you using it with a analogue preamp like the matching PRe3 which I also have for sale at the moment. This thing cost well over $3k when new and I'm letting it go for now at SG$1100 (US$786)! CONTACT INFO.: Remember to contact me if you'd like to chat about hi-fi stuff or how you plan to link this up to your system! I'm an enthusiast and would gladly share my knowledge. If you're in Singapore (+65), SMS me at 8123-9701. You can also get me at gmail with username "pureiridium" if you're overseas. OTHER ITEMS FOR SALE: 1. Bel Canto PRe3 Pre-Amplifer. [sold] (http://www.echoloft....&num=1449887733 OR http://www.head-fi.o...3-pre-amplifier) 2.. Apogee Big Ben Master Clock (used as my digital front-end to clean out jitter and as well as to function as a switch between my various equilisers and DACs. (http://www.echoloft....&num=1456826962) 3. Sound Devices 744T 4-Channel Professional Recorder with Ambient Timecode. (http://www.echoloft....&num=1456827464 OR http://www.head-fi.o...m-sound-devices OR https://www.gearslut...ml#post11532244) If you're concerned about my lack of activity on these forums, also be aware that I am also a long-time member on Head-Fi and CandlePowerForums.com and am known as "Flea Bag" on those forums. I've done thousands of dollars worth of flashlight sales at CPF especially, so I hope that and the verification from Sound Devices personnel that the recorder is with them is enough for you to feel comfortable about buying from me! If that still doesn't do it, contact me and we'll work out something out! Really! Is a chunk of money we're talking about here, so I can understand if you want extra verification! Please get in touch! gmail! username: pureiridium Sales threads on Head-Fi.org: http://www.head-fi.o....00-hd650-cable Sales threads on CandlePowerForums.com: http://www.cpfmarket....anywhere!-ISGP http://www.cpfmarket....highlight=isgp http://www.cpfmarket....-Polarion-PH50 http://www.panjo.com....d-isgp-214151? http://www.panjo.com....d-isgp-198762?
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