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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, Bought this on Nov~Dec 2014 new from mrspeakers website directly for 299USD. With shipping adds up to around S$420. Letting go at only S$250. Selling because bought another headphone. This version comes with the Alpha Pads, super comfortable and soft. Note that this is not the balanced version. Contact me at 65Nine1Seven8Two80Four for more info. More info at http://www.mrspeakers.com. Should be the latest version 3.2 Condition 9.9/10. Edited: Price Drop.
  2. Mad Dog headphones Passion Everyone on the MrSpeakers team plays an instrument and/or is a DJ. We love music, and we love building headphones that allow our customers to have a comfortable, fun, immersive and totally engaging musical experience at a great price. Every day we create headphones we hope will help people enjoy their music more, and every day we now how lucky we are to be able to do this work. We're not about fancy $100 boxes that gather dust on shelves after they're opened; we're about audiophile sound, great comfort and terrific value. Hand-Tuned to deliver the finest Sound & Value MrSpeakers Mad Dog headphones are hand-tuned modifications of the Fostex T50RP heapdhone. The modifications are the result of hundreds of experiments, measurements and listening tests that have dramatically transformed the sound of this sturdy studio headphone. We voice the headphones to be "audiophile" in signature. This means we endeavor to make the heaphone deliver the sonic experience the producer and artist intended to convey. We don't crank up the bass until your ear drums implode, we deliver deep, articulate bass that is balanced with the rest of the music. It goes way deeper than most phones, but it is intended to be an integral part of the music, not to dominate it. And we don't make "sparkling highs" to pierce your ear drum in 3 minutes flat, we try to make a neutral and detailed presentation free from distortiong and fatiguing resonances. Tech-talk aside, we make a headphone we hope conveys the heart and essence of the music, and can be used for hours without fatigue. Each headphone is hand modified and tuned to within +/- 2dB of our reference response through most of the frequency range. Each Mad Dog headphone includes lamb-leather ear pads for improved comfort and better sound, a leather "comfort strap" for "hotspot-free" extended listening, and both mini (3.5mm) and regular headphone (1/4") plugs. Supremely Comfortable On the comfort side, MrSpeakers Alpha Pads and comfort strap combine to make an exceedlingly comfortable experience (most professional reviwers are calling this one of the most comfortable phones made). Comfort is a big deal to us. After all, what good is a phone that hurts your ears or your head after 20 minutes. Try it, it may be the most comfortable headphone you've ever used! Superb Isolation Another key benefit of the Mad Dog is isolation. The plush and supple ear pads do a fantastic job of isolation you from the external environment. So you don't hear it, and those around you don't hear your music. Immerse yourself only in the music, not external noise. Recommended Equipment You can drive the Mad Dog off your iPhone, iPad or almost any other quality portable media device (note that some Android phones won't cut it at all). That said, to get the most out of your headphones MrSpeakers recommends a good quality separate headphone amplifier and if possible a qualtiy source/DAC. For more information on Mad Dogs, take a look at: http://www.mrspeakers.com For a full listing of all the rave reviews so far, check out: http://www.mrspeaker...g-headphones-pr Available in balanced (S$599) and non-balanced (S$459) versions . Catch your Mad Dog at: Anson Audio, 1 Coleman Street, #01-19, The Adelphi Singapore 179803 Tel: 68831020 Another quality product brought to you by SLT Technologies Pte Ltd. If you have any questions or enquiries, please feel free to email us at: sales@slttech.com.sg
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