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The iPurifier does one job and one job only; it cleans and filters audio + power at the end of the digital chain; just prior to the digital signal entering the DAC.


Simply place it between your USB cable and DAC, and you'll experience life-like audiophile sound. The iPurifier makes such a radical difference that there's simply no comparison to be made to a computer-audio setup without one. If you're serious about great sonics, the budget-priced iPurifier is a must.


How confident are we that this little device will change the way you experience computer audio? We back it up with our 7 days 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


Those of you who has been waiting, please drop by to try them out. You can also visit our website for more information on The iPurifier


iFi iPurifier - Every USB DAC Needs One



iPurifier in action at the top (at the iDAC entry port).



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iFi Audio iPurifier review by Francesco Donadel Campbel - the editor in chief of HDPhonic


“Honestly, I must say that I was initially skeptical about the benefits of such a product. In fact, in the world of professional audio the use of the USB port has often been viewed with suspicion and for years the firewire port gained a better reputation. However, I had to change my mind thanks to the optimizations implemented in our studio. In this way the iPurifier has ensured a small but tangible improvement in sonic performance giving itself now a secure and well deserved place in our audio chain. To conclude, if you are looking for a small accessory with great potential you certainly won’t be disappointed when purchasing it. I can sincerly say that it’s a product that I would highly recommend.”


Full review here - HDPhonic

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