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Sense Audio / Racoon - Tube Headphone / Pre-amp/ Amplifier

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This is a Tube Pre-amp with USB DAC + Headphone Amp. Naiting sweet sound all thanks to the high quality PSVANE tube. Thick solid low-frequency, low-frequency powerful. Beside using as headphone amp, it a prefect match with the mini power amp Miu Audio MKP-1 as well as to all other mini integrated amplifier of your choice. Pre-amp helps to give extra gain to the power of your amplifier should you think their power is not enough.

  • Using CS4398 DAC, TI TPA6120A2 (headphone amp)
  • USB, AUX input
  • Tube pre-output
  • Tube use – Premium GOLD PSVANE 12AT7-T II (贵族之声)
  • 2 headphone amp slot (6.25mm/3.5mm) and can support impedance range :8-1000 ohm
  • Support 32kHz-96kHz
  • Support 16bit-24bit

Supports tube rolling (12AT7, ECC81, 6201, GT-12AT7, 6C22D etc. etc. )

Selling at $195








Strong thrust, easily drive all headphones. Provide a high level audio resolving power and give a very sweet and warm sounding that will let you enjoy this little amp alot.

  • NXP TFA9815T high-efficiency Class D digital power chip supporting up to 25W*2 output power.
  • TE7022L USB support 24bit/96kHz, using an CS4398 DAC chip to decode.
  • TPA6120A2 Headphone-AMP support impedance range from 8-1000 ohm
  • Built in Power supply

Selling at $165

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Sense Audio


SENSE G1 – Tube Pre-Amp/DAC/Headphone Amplifier


A very Versatile mini Tube Pre-Amp/Headphone Amp with up to Coax/Optical/USB DAC function. Using pcm5102 decoder chip and many foreign crew were using this chip. USB input part of the upgrade is asynchronous 192KHz / 32bit receiver chip CM6631A, to facilitate access to other digital devices , increase fiber and coaxial digital inputs, retained line input and output analog signals, so can also be used as a STANDALONE DAC (For Headphone only) or Pre-Amp.


- Class A Hybrid, Tube(preamp) + VMOS (power Field Effect Transistor chip)

- OPT, COAX, USB, AUX input

- AUX as Pre-Amp or DAC

- USB using CM6631A, DAC using PCM5102

- USB Support mobile OTG for Android 4.3 and above

- Tube use – Beijing’s 2P2J

- Headphone amp slot 6.35mm and can support impedance range :32-300 ohm

- Support up to 196kHz

- Support 16bit-32bit

Supports tube rolling (changeable with 1S4 /3S4 / DL92 / CV820 / 2P2 / 2N2N). Upgrade Tubes are available here


Selling at $200 (Note power cord is not included)

Deduct $15 off for Bundle with Audio Grade USB Cable (limited to 1 pcs only)

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