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  1. bwtay

    Zu Mobius

    Well guys, as promised I got my Zu Mobius cable and I'm doing my long overdue review on it. Well, first of all the Zu cable beats the Stock cable in all aspects. When I first opened the package, all I could think of is Quality, Quality, Quality . This cable is built to withstand Magma. The headphone connectors fit nice and snug on my HD600, there is absolutely no play at all. The 3.5mm miniphone connector has a nice satin finish and is of extremely good quality. As for the cable itself, no words can describe how good it feels. Although stock cable users like myself will find the cable to be a little stiff. But its all a matter of getting used to. Now on to the cable sonics. Again, the Zu Cable outshines the stock cable. The highs are a lot sweeter. I listen to quite a few Violin recordings and the Zu really handles the extreme highs that the violin makes well. Bass is a a lot more well defined and much tighter than the stock cable. This cable truly brings the life back to some of my older recordings. Thatz my take on the cable so far. For any potential buyers, you will see extreme performance straight out of the box. No burn in required. However, I imagine over time this cable will smooth out and sound even closer to perfection. I highly recommend this cable to any serious headfier who wants the best out of his HD600. As for value for money, realistically, the price of this cable including shipping equals the cost of a HD600 through Jan Meier, so its hardly a run for your money. However, the bottom line is that the the sonics and the physical qualities of the Zu Mobius will most definitely blow any Headfier away!!! Please direct any questions to my Email Address or my PM box, I am still in the midst of testing my cable so any questions on the sonics will have to wait. Pics will be up soon. Thanks for lookin.
  2. I'm currently hooked to these Chesky Recordings Blue Chesky Redhot Chesky Greenfield Chesky These are compilations and the recordings are topnotch, I recommend these for any headfier.
  3. Wow....they look pretty kewl. I should think they are real, I wonder how they sound though, sure would like to test one out.....anyone willing to take one for the team??
  4. Ok Let's see here (this is really gonna hurt...) Heaphones 1. Grado SR80 - $200 2. Allesandro MS2 - $400 3. Sennheiser HD600 - $450 4. Sennheiser HD280 Professional - $200 Headphone Amplifier 1. Grado RA-1 - $450 2. Headsave Elite SL (on the way) - $400 Cables 1. Onix "Blue" Interconnect - $120 2. Zu Mobius HD600 Replacement Cable - $300 Source (planning to upgrade soon): 1. Sony D-EJ2000 - $250 Grand Total: $2770 Holy Crap, I never realised I put so much money into this hobby. Damn credit cards!!! You never know how much you spend, just keep swiping and swiping and swiping.......
  5. Holy cow, there is an uncanny resemblance here........do i smell a lawsuit??
  6. Guys, new Senns out in Germany. They look pretty damn kewl!! Check it out: HD515 HD555 HD595 Go to Sennheiser for more info Hope you guys enjoyed that and thanks for lookin!
  7. Anywayz, got word that I'll be receiving the cable sometime next week. Keeping my fingers crossed man!!
  8. Check out this website it has all the different electronics and where to buy them at the best prices. And the prices are pretty good. www.kakaku.com P.S. Its in Japanese, but you should be able to figure it out.
  9. interconnects actually make a diff....may not be a huge one but definitely noticeable. And by the way, the Grados do sound gd with Jazz and classical music. however they may sound a little bright.
  10. You are definitely gonna need an amp if you want good sound. However if you are budget constricted, I suggest you go for Grado/Allesandro Headphones. These phones haf relatively low impedance which makes them very easy to drive. I personally recommend going for Allesandro MS1 or a Grado SR80. I own an SR80 and I find the sound quality to be pretty good with even a PCDP.
  11. Yes I will, thanks for all the warm hospitality you guys have shown me so far. Really appreciate it!
  12. That will be awesome, can't wait to attend if you guys actually organise this meet.
  13. Yea...no kidding, when I get back to SG I'll inform you so you can come test out the cables. I'm currently in Taiwan and I don't know when I'll be able to get back.
  14. Thanks lengcm, I'm just trying to gather as much info as I can before I make a decision. Don't wanna be too hasty, never turns out well.
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