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  1. Hi there, Am posting this on behalf of a friend. He has the Bose QC25 (white) to sell. Unopened and sealed. Bought from USA. Looking to sell for 500. Please sms or whatsapp at 97518185. Thanks for reading. :-)
  2. Hi there, Would like to sell the above Ipod. Warranty expired. Box and accessories still intact. Accessories: USB and Firewire cable, Wall charger, Remote, Stock earphones. Will also throw in a marware sports case (grey colored). Unavoidable scratches due to normal wear and tear. The wall charger is not working. Can still charge with the USB cable. Looking to sell at S$250. Please call or sms at 98261854. Thanks for viewing. Sold!!!!! Thanks for viewing
  3. Hi there, Would like to sell the above. Condition 8/10 (brand stickers on the side have come out). Still in good working condition. Box and all the original accessories still intact. Will also throw in a box of yellow foamies for buyer (used one pair). From day one have not used the supplied sleeves; have only been using the yellow foamies. Looking to let go at S$230. Please call or sms at 98261854 for a quick deal. Self-collect at Pasir Ris or can arrange at other places as well. Thanks for viewing.
  4. The worship leaders in my church wear the E5's not sure if it is the Consumer version though.
  5. Canalphones are in-ear phones as well. I am using the Shure E3Cs with my 4G 20Gb Ipod. Awesome phones.
  6. fox

    My new system

    Oops. Yeah forgot the power cord.
  7. Usher - Confessions Keane- Hopes and Dreams Stacy Kent - Boy next door
  8. Yeah the D70 is a good DSLR to start wif, that is if u do not have any Canon lens lying around (if u start wif nikon u would be stuck wif nikon and so it may also be a good idea if you can find out some prices on the lens, flash etc. You can do the same thing wif Canon as well. For the canon model try to go for the 20D). This price should come with the lens kit, if not then forget it. Also, it would be best if you can have a feel of the equipment before making a decision. Try out both the Canon and the Nikon and decide which is better.
  9. fox

    My new system

    Hi all, Finally got my home rig (thanks to Mackie and N3w and Majie). Source: Marantz CD 6000OSE Headphone Amp: Master Original Headphone: Beyer DT990 ICs: Canare L2T2S Was trying it out over the weekend and I must say that the whole setup is an excellent one to start-up and keep if ever i were to upgrade in the future. It may be still too early for anything, but I must say that I am particularly impressed with the bass of the DT990. It's simply mind-blowing for open cans. I was listening to Usher's Confessions CD and the bass of the cans was just WOW!!! Mind you that I do not like cans whose bass sounds muddied and just thumpy. Am just enjoying my music now and will be continuing to burn-in the gears longer so that I can post a better finding in the future. Again, thanks to all who have taken their time for their advise and auditions.
  10. I just got my yellow foamies for the E3C from Wailian a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Posted some shots over at Pbase: www.pbase.com/blessedviknesh Equipment used: Canon EOS300D with a 17-40L f4 and 70-200L f4 lenses. Alas sold off my equipment cos no time to use. Now in the market for a compact digicam. Looking at the Sony DCS P100 or the T-series. Any recommendations?
  12. fox


    Wat about the new G5 Imacs?? Kewl design and pretty affordable as well. Other than the downside of bundling with crappy RAM size and non-wireless bundled as well. Waiting for reviews of first batch first. My peecee desktop died on me, so now waiting for this baby to replace it.
  13. fox


    Hi there, Any fellow mac user around? Care to share what u using? I am using a 12" AL PB Rev.B with superdrive.
  14. Can't get to the link. Prob a bad hyperlink.
  15. Yo go down and listen to the player .... ok .. i own the 6000OSE .... it nice .... but i wanna upgrade too but but I am totally short of $$$$$$$$ @ Will most definitely do that. Thanks. Too bad they do not have stock for the 6000LE (at the moment). Will probably pop in on Saturday though.
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