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    Don't Fear The Reaper
  • Birthday 10/18/1968

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    Audio Technica ATH-ES700, Etymotic ER-4S, Grado RS-1, KOSS KSC-35/55/PortaPro/SportaPro, Marshall Major Black, Sennheiser MX400/HD25-1 II, Yuin PK1
  • Headphone amplifiers
    Cayin Spark Audio HA-1A, KurtW META42 (AD8620 OPA), Meier Corda Move & RSA Hornet.
  • Sources
    Marantz CD-80 - CDP, Nakamichi Deck 2 - Tape Deck, Sony D777 PCDP, Sharp 701 - MDP, Sony SRF-S84 & SRF-40W Pocket Radio, iMod 5.5G, Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Other equipment
    some tubes, Powerware 5115 - UPS, Theta Cobalt DAC, DNM Reson & Van Den Hul D102 MkIII Hybrid interconnects, Marketek & Plastics One Mini to Mini, Acoustic Energy AE100 (with QED Qudos bi-wired cables) & Castle Trents (with Naim NAC A4 cables) speakers
  • Favourite configuration used
    Trans-portable: iMod 5.5G -> ALO Super Cotton Dock -> ALO Vcap -> ALO Cryo mini-mini -> Corda Move/Hornet -> Audio Technica ATH-ES700 Portable: iMod 5.5G -> ALO iMod Jumbo Cryo -> Corda Move/Hornet -> Audio Technica ATH-ES700 or Ultra-portable: Samsung Galaxy S4 -> Audio Technical ATH-ES700
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    Team classic rock

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    Besides music & Head-Fi?! <br />Gadgets, the Net, driving, happy snapper, going out, reading, movies, lazing about, watching the wonderment of the world go by...<br /><br />Previously owned:<br />Headphones - AKG K1000 / K501, Audio Technica ATH-W100 / EW9, Beyer DT150 / DT250-250 / 770Pro-250, Grado SR60, KOSS KSC-75, Sennheiser HD565 Ovation / PX200, Shure E5 & Sony MDR-CD3000<br />Headphone amp - ASL MG Head OTL, Headroom [Total]Airheads, JMT CHA47, META42, Meier-Audio Porta Corda II, Tangent-custom MINT META, Xin SuperMini V3 / SuperMicro, XinTechs SuperDual, CMOY<br />Other - Linn Sondek LP12/Akito/K9, Naim Nait 2 integrated amp, Sony D-EJ925 - PCDP
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