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  1. Selling ALO Audio CDM. Asking Price $1000 Comes with Original packaging and 4 sets of tubes to roll: 1. Sonotone 5719 2. Phillips 6111WA 3. GE 6021 4. 5718
  2. LOL no more review. Sold the amp!
  3. Please contact me via PM if you are interested. Includes the follow: 1. WA7 TP power supply 2. 2 Pairs of 6C45 tubes 3. Solid state power supply Price is $1,250 Please contact me via PM.
  4. My new toy finally arrived after much waiting. Running it in now before posting some impressions
  5. lengcm

    USB DAC?

    I'm using the WA7. With the the lightning to USB camera adapter, I could listen music from the iPad or iPhone
  6. The best opinion you can get is to audition the headphones on your own.You can go to Music by Design on the 2nd floor of the Adelphi to audition the Grados SR60I. Just bring your laptop along.
  7. Just ordered the HD800 with the Corda Concerto and Stage DAC. Very tempted to get the T1 as well. Used to like the DT931. Wondering if I should pull the trigger.
  8. Please contact me via pm if you have one to sell.
  9. Will not be able to attend this time round due to last minute work commitments . Will join the next round
  10. I'll be bringing the following: 1. Wadia 170I Transport 2. HD600 Tentative, still to be decided: 1. Cary Xciter Headphone Amp
  11. Just got back from the Sennheiser Service Center. Check with the service technician and was informed that the HD800 would be out in Singapore middle of this year. Fingers crossed!
  12. I am only into hifi as in speakers for the past 2-3 years. Was into head-fi for sometime before. However the temptation still comes back once in a while to haunt me especially the launch of the HD800. Fortunately or unfortunately, headroom does not ship to Singapore. Will definately join you guy for a mini-meet if invited.
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