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  1. Letting go my Stax complete system. All very well taken care of, in mint condition. Headphones are usually keep in dry cabinet when not in use. - Stax SR-007 MK2 Omega (with original metal flight case and new set of ear pads in packaging) - Stax 404 Limited (with original box) - Stax Amp SR-717. Local 230v (with original box) - Stax Balanced Extension Cable x 2 pairs (1 brown and 1 black to matched the above headphones) - Stax CPC-1 Headphone Cover - Omega Wooden Headphone Hanger - Sennheiser HH 10 Headphone Hanger - Eichmann Express 6 Series 2 XLR interconnect cables Letting go at $6500. Interested sms/whatsapp hp: 97907944.
  2. ical

    Vinyl camp

    Wah! Shopping spree. Nice collection bro. Jojo, what are you waiting for!! Look towards the light. Don't be like Eric who is still living in the cave.
  3. I find nothing wrong with the cover. Very nice and juicy. I like it. You very old fashion leh.
  4. Harmonix footers on cheap chopping board?!! That's very wrong leh. And no proper rack. Some more stacking components! Half f**k leh. How can!! Harmonix must goes with this kind of rack:
  5. Available at those mentioned shops.
  6. Yes, mine sound really good! I'm a big fan of Slash since Guns N' Roses days so will hunt down the Paradise City version if I can. Already ordered his previous solo album Snake Pit - It's Five O'clock Somewhere.
  7. I do like those tracks. Can't say if it's worth the cost but I just hate the feeling of incomplete, like buying bootleg with missing tracks.
  8. Not too sure, I posted some pics for your reference. Any difference?
  9. The best place for jazz is still New Disc Village and Roxy Music at Adelphi. Most are US pressed with a small collection of Japan pressed while the rest are the typical audiophile chinese vocal. Those shops usually focus on those with good recording or in high demand. Another new discovery is Memphis Music at basement 1 Excelsior Hotel which has the best price in town though collection is limited, but you can just place order with a small deposit. Majority of his CD is US pressed. These are some of the highly essential and also my favorite. I've some of them in multiple formats: CD, SACD, XRCD, LPCD, SHMCD, LP & etc. 1. Jazz at the Pawnshop 2. Time Out / The Dave Brubeck Quartet 3. Soular Energy / The Ray Brown Trio 4. Waltz for Debby / Bill Evans Trio 5. Somethin' Else / Cannonball Adderly 6. Misty / Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio 7. Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section 8. A Love Supreme / John Coltrane 9. 'Round Midnight / Jaime Valle 10. Just Friends / The L.A. Four (very hard to find now)
  10. He secretly visited you late at nite? That's fishy. Seem to be quite often. So it's US or German pressed?
  11. Good service is not always a good thing. Very bad for the wallet.
  12. Almost all TT comes with dust cover. I believe most us are most wiling to help you in setting up. Don't follow the snake handler Sep, cables can never give you that kind of improvement.
  13. It's a myth that turntable and vinyl are expensive and need high maintenance. This beauty cost less than $800 with cartridge. Does your cdp look as good as this? http://www.project-audio.com/main.php?prod...bles〈=en
  14. Cd? What is cd? Steven give good discount including delivery for members here. http://www.sgheadphones.net/index.php?showtopic=10889
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