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  1. Selling Hifiman EF-5 headphone amp. EF-5: Good working and cosmetic condition. No box or any accessory. S$350 with stock 12AU7 Shuguang tube; S$380 with Psvane 12AU7 tube. Original selling price online is USD499, excluding shipping and GST to Singapore! More info: EF5 Please PM me if interested. Quick functional test and collection at Choa Chu Kang area. Thanks. A few pics (note that flash from the camera greatly exaggerate the amount of dust):
  2. OT: I am looking for the perfect classical headphone What amp are you using for the HD800? I thought that the orthos and the electrostatics are reputedly better for classical.
  3. I am more a classical person, that's why the hifimans (more so than the LCD-2 I think) are good for me Love to audition the STAX, but I always feel intimidated when I go to those high end shops at Adelphi. So did you get a STAX system in the end? LCD-3 is out by the way, but nearly USD2000
  4. The 007/009 way too ex liao. Still have to buy a matching amp some more I am thinking of the 507, dunno good or not. I kinda like the planar sound leh, though my hifiman is the lower end model and certainly not perfect. I have never heard a STAX of cos
  5. Which STAX is good? I am using Hifiman HE4 with EF5 now. Quite good I must say
  6. If you have $1-2k to spend on a setup (DAC/Headphone AMP/Headphone) for digital music (wav/flac/mp3/...), which particular combination would you go for? Say it's more for classical and vocals, maybe a little light pop.
  7. So its S$30 to try out the HD800 for 4 days?
  8. If I have no equipments to contribute, can come or not?
  9. I thought stuff like Canamp are cheaper in the states?
  10. Cheers mate. Thought you are in Sing. What amp are you using to drive your AKG?
  11. Hi naglfar, Are you using the EF1 for your K702 too? Can pm me where and for how much you got your D2000? Cheers.
  12. Hi all, Thanks for all your suggestions. I had a go at the Grado 125 just today. Find it a bit lean, though more lively, as compared to my Senn HD595 (both playing MP3s through the HA Info NG94 USB DAC/Amp). Now I am having second thought on the Alessandro MS1i for rock The Denon and Ultrasone recommended by naglfar seem interesting. Will try to find more info on them. For the classical/vocals combo, I wonder if a STAX 3030 or 4040 system would be better than a K702+Amp combi.
  13. Hi all, I am trying to revamp my home headphone system. As I listen to all kinds of music, from classical, vocals (both males and females), (some) jazz and instrumentals, all the way to pop, dance and heavy metal (addicted to Black Sabbath now; previous addiction was Rachmaninoff! ), I am looking at getting two different headphones to better cater to the different types of music. For pop, dance and heavy metal I am less fussy with SQ and is considering the Alessandro MS1i. I am looking at low, well-defined bass as well as good details. For classical and vocals I am more fussy with SQ. I am hoping for something with good details, imaging and separation, but with musicality and sweetness(?). I am looking at the AKG K702 but I read that it is very neutral/balanced and can be uninvolving, so I guess I need a suitable amp to inject that quinessential musicality and sweetness. A tube amp perhaps? Any suggestion or recommendation? I have a budget of around S$1.5k for the two headphones and amp, S$2k max. Cheers.
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