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    ATH-A900(for pop music/more bass heavy music) and Beyer DT880(for light jazz/instrumentals with little bass), ATH-CM3 (for portable use)
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    None at the moment.. thinking about getting one soon..
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    Sharp mini hifi --> ATH-A900, Beyer DT880
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  1. Ok... I'll have to read up on them. I'm looking at the Beresford Caiman. But now I'm thinking, maybe I should go for a smaller and more portable DAC.
  2. I see... I'm rather new to the DACs and amps, so i'm not very familiar with them... by bypassing, is it the same as using the pre-amp outputs of the DAC?
  3. I've read somewhere that pairing an amp to a DAC with integrated headphone amp (DAC with HP amp --> amp --> HP) isn't recommended... is that true? I've seen some people with similar set-ups... Thanks
  4. Looking for a EarMax Pro, black.
  5. Ok, will give them an audition.. My budget isn't alot actually, but if I can get the feel I want, I'll definitely be willing to fork out a little more. Problem is, I'll be using it with my laptop often, so I guess I'll need a DAC to go along with the amp? I've heard about them, but not auditioned them yet
  6. As above, but for my laptop and a DT880 (250 ohms).. I went to test out the Go-Vibe and Go-Vibe Magnum yesterday, expecting the kind of sound quality I get from listening to music in Gramophone (kind of far fetched, but I was expecting something similar, given that the phones they use are entry lvl, and the amps don't look like expensive ones), and I just didn't feel the 'wow' factor when listening to my songs.. soundstaging wasn't as big as I expected, the songs weren't really crystal clear sounding, and all I could really feel improved vs my laptop soundcard was smoother vocals, instruments, better seperation, less coloured, and just easy on the ear. I'm not sure whether I was expecting too much, or is it just because the pairing of the dac/amp and headphones weren't that great. So can anyone recommend something that pairs well with the dt880? I prefer instrumentals+vocals, jazzy/acoustic/easy listening/slow rock type of songs, with more emphasis on clarity of vocals, somewhat larger soundstaging (but more emphasis on instrumental seperation), and a more natural sound signature. I'm new to amps and dacs, so I guess I got kinda carried away just reading off comments instead of going around trying them..
  7. lypk

    Emi Fujita

    Hmm. Sting's version and Eva Cassidy's version is different..
  8. lypk

    Emi Fujita

    Her songs are really good I especially love her rendition of "Fields of Gold".. By the way, does anyone know of where I can get guitar tabs from her version of the song? I've tried searching everywhere, but can't find it..
  9. Reserved =) (Anyone else who's interested, just PM me, in case the deal falls through. First come first served basis.)
  10. lypk

    A1000 earpads

    have or had? Cuz if you still have some for sale, i would gladly buy a pair off
  11. Anyone knows where i can get the A1000 earpads? And the pricing for it? The pleather on the earpads of my a900 are tearing... even after treating them so well... " i hate pleather...
  12. if u pple have the $$ to spare, get the single "Hitori".. bought the last one from HMV.. not sure whether they still have it though.. among all her cds, i must say its the one I love most! Only 4 tracks though..
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