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  1. https://carousell.com/p/36808590 No introductions required if you are in the audio circle. Bought this in Japan to pair up with my Sony CD3000 a few years ago. Have used it with various other headphones and etymotics er4S etc. Item is in great working condition. Comes with power cable and original manual. Voltage is 100-120V so you will need a step up transformer for Singapore. Asking for SGD$250 PM me in carousell for offers. Pickup at Tampines (need to deal by end of the week)
  2. Some Singaporeans may be lazy but not all. Travel around and I personally believe that you will appreciate your country more. Don't just scrutinise the bad things. Look for the good things as well. (At least the queueing up is orderly...in some countries...bla bla...) A bit out of point....but correct me if I am wrong... I believe that the people distributing the papers are paid to do their job. Today is a free paper from SPH. Free paper involves lots of sponsorship from advertisers, and those "Distributirs" are merely ambassadors from SPH making sure that the papar(or the ads =]) get read by the mass public.
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    Item removed. Thanks for looking. idkfa
  4. Hi Rameish, May I know how much money it take to maintain this forum? I remember there was a time about a year ago when Ablaze was running this forum and SGHeadphones had a call for donations. A few members and I donated a sum of money to this forum during our mini-meet session and we all got extra mailbox space and special mention as contributors. Even thought I am a lurker in the forum now, I don't mind donating a small sum of money once in a while because I do get lots of good info from kind people here. Why not start that Call for Donations again? I am sure that there will always be the kind ones who do help out.
  5. Yahooo! How's everyone? Maybe it's time we introduce SGHeadphones's own Headphone Babe Pageant? Get ourselves a babe ambassador? lol. (no offence ladies)
  6. Happy birthday mackie and I want a sexier avatar pls!! God I miss the boA one...
  7. Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog! May we all have a dog's improved ultrasonic hearing range!! Gong Hei Gone Hei!!
  8. Can we ban the Banned Moderator? Just kidding. Appreciate you keeping this site clean and green!
  9. It honestly did nothing for my E5c but the superduper moment came when I paired it with the Beyer DT250 and ER4p. It's probably not the right combo for your setup.
  10. Man, was that a freaking good morning read!! I already somewhat knew abt EAC's magical powers but now... It's like Gandalf the Grey transforming into Gandalf the White! lol. Such is the new age technological wonders of the 21st century. While I am not ready to jump right into some Zcables and dedicated power units, I will definitely give the "kiasu" EAC ripping method a most enthusiastic try! It's amazing how this silly thread of mine turned madness. Based on this thread alone, I already felt a 10% audiophile upgrade in me. lol. Thanks so much guys for the infos! Meanwhile I want more! More contributions please! Everyone should go read that article! Here it goes again: http://www.soundstageav.com/audiovideotrends/20050415.htm
  11. I seriously don't think AA will do another one so soon. Anyway, what we did was we all went down to Bishan Community Centre. There you can book a classroom with aircon and power outlets for your gear. Chairs, tables and even whiteboard included for your tutorials. heh. I think it's S$15 per hour. But we all ended up in delifrance sipping weird coffee and passing wires around the table. lol.
  12. I actually organised a "Mini-Meet" last year ard march I think. It was rather a great experience meeting everyone but not an easy task though. I can help you guys get a discounted air ticket here then. Shall we say, meet in Akihabara? No need to bring gears. All there and all you can listen. lol
  13. There will always be a meet if there is an organiser. Someone's gotta do the dirtywork.
  14. I use a aiwa sports earphone with a headband. I know that sony has some sports headband earphones that comes with sweatguards. I can't recommend any of them for audiophile quality but since gym is a workout, I demand that my earphones don't drop and has the bass department thumping!
  15. Ramiesh<< haha This is the problem with texted messages. You can't really tell who is feeling what. lol. I am not the least upset in anyway by Mackie's signature straight forward comment lah. I really appreciate his advices! Also I'm here to learn and not to take an egotrip. No need to get stress over our hobby yea?
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