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  1. Please contact me at 81187447 if you have one for sale, please state age, cosmetic condition, price.
  2. Hi guys, I am selling the following items:; Philip SHH9506 headphone, portable with remote for idevice - Bought it at $124, Seldom use impulse buy selling at 60 Cardas headphone cable, a immediate upgrade to most headphone, lenbth 1.2m nicely terminated with sheathing. Going for $100. Stock HD580 cable, $20 interested pls contact me at 81187447
  3. Hi Guys, have the below for sale. All items are in immaculate condition include photos. The Little Dot DAC 2, sold Imamp portable headphone amplifier - sold Koss PortaPro, All Black edition, Dont think you can find this in Singapore, sold Topping TP21 amp -Sold Vanishing points - sold DIY Chipamp LM3886 amplifier with faulty volume pot. Chnage the volume pot and it will work $180 Custom made Full range desktop speakers in piano finish, matches well with TP21 and tube amps - $200 Paradigm Studio 10 version 5, very nice and warmth sounding speakers, bought 2 months ago, but plans for room system fail hence selling it off $700 GW power conditioner - Sold Xindak CS88 - Sold SET 6P3 tube amp - Sold Dugood headphone amp/ preamp Pretty decent amp known to drive the HD600 very well $150 Dugood DV2800 DVD/CDP, decent CDP running on Wolfson chip WM8746 for 24Bit/192KHz and Class A OP6805 OPA module for audio outputs (as the same as their Bounless & Glory Year CD Player) $300 Please contact me at eight 11 eight 7 fourfour 7, would be interested in Cyrus amp/tuner/cdp, or Beyer DT990.
  4. Any idea how much is this CAmbridge audio cdp?
  5. ups and also interested in trading with beyer 990 or letting go at $300. Comes with a hippo case which i have been using to keep my headphones.
  6. Selling the above mentioned would be interested in trade, trade + topup, and offers as well. HD580, excellent condition, with cardas cables which is nicely done in black sleeve and neutrik 1/4. Would be interested in trading with TF10vi, Wireless senns, and LD3. pm me if interested thanks.
  7. Hey Aron, are you selling the cable? Can pm me the price?
  8. I have a ANC 7 and was wondering if I can make it to work with my iphone with the mic function just like what the monster beats HD does? Anyone any idea if this will work, though I am guessing that its possible.? Can we get that cable somewhere? or can we DIY it?
  9. Selling a ipod touch gen2, S$250 will throw in the macmosphere and a switcheasy case.
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