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  1. Looking for a good condition DT880, specifically 600 ohms.
  2. hi all, Looking for HD650 and HD800. If you have one for sale, do drop me a PM. Thanks!
  3. Instead of Airport Express, you could consider using Apple TV. It does have optical out and if JB, could double as streaming media player through XBMC. Think this way, the receiver dun need to be Airplay compliant.
  4. hi all, Looking for Denon D5000 and AKG K701/K702 (K701 found!). If you have one to let go, please drop me a PM. Thanks! Regards, Marc
  5. Just look up LT1085/1086 datasheet. I had tried other caps, MKPs, electrolytics caps but found tantalum to have the most positive impact. Note that you may want to purchase tantalum caps with at least twice the voltage rating as what it is subjected to and take extra care with the polarity.
  6. I had very positive results using LT1085/1086-12V regulators with tantulum decoupling caps compared to LM7812 and 317. You might want to try out.
  7. hi kyaw, Thanks for the suggestion! I have thought of getting from Minhwa but I thought his price for the SA5000 are not competitive enough, hence my hesistance.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I have contacted Stereo and they do not carry this model. I will keep your offer of help in mind, in case I cannot find a local source.
  9. Any kind soul can point me to where I can find a pair of MDR-SA5000 locally? Thanks!
  10. I'm looking for a well-maintained pair of Sony MDR-D66SL. If you have 1 to let go, please PM me. Thanks! Found! Thanks to Mat! I'm getting back my old D66SL.
  11. Might not be easy to find but you can try to search thru www.baidu.com, www.alibaba.com.cn or www.taobao.com. I usually find the shops through there.
  12. Try Koba. They have brought a decent chassis from China recently.
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