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  1. Thanks heady!! I looked at Airplay and realise that it requires AV receiver/speakers to to Airplay compliant, I realise the workaround would be to purchase Airport Express from apple, but the only drawback would be the the 3.5mm jack. It mentions the digital optical sound, which i assume should be miniTOS. http://www.apple.com/airportexpress/specs.html I was window-shopping in Adelphi and found another brand known as Orbs. It is cheaper than the Sonos and it has the capability to wirelessly stream not only music, but movies as well using apple iphone etc/ Andriod as the controller. At the same time, the Orbs has a product known as Orbs Live which allows streaming of movies and music over the mobile phone anywhere. Pretty nifty. The greatest drawback is the fact that the Orbs is the headphone out from the Orbs MP-1. http://www.orb.com/en.html
  2. Squeezebox was in the limelight a couple of years ago and I was wondering if there are any better contenders these days?? At the same time, I considered linking via Windows Vista's network but my dad is a mac user, so might be a little tricky.
  3. Hi guys, need a bit of help here. There's the scenario: I'm thinking of linking up 3 areas (1 living room and 2 bedrooms) with a centralised digital music "server". The living room will have the sound system (source --> pre-amp -->power amp --> speakers). Source-wise will include vinyl player, cd player and digital server/HDD. It would be good (but not a must) if the server unit has capability to link up to online music services such as pandora or rhapsody as well as a internet radio. As for the 2 bedrooms, i would like to link the server to the two bedroom, preferably via wireless medium. The catch is that there could be a possibility that 3 area are playing different music at the same time, from the same centralised server. I would like to ask for recommendation on how to put this system together, either DIY or through commercially available product. Thanks guys in advance!!
  4. UM remoulds most armature driver earphones (e.g. shure westone and UE). There are companies that reshell dynamic drivers as well, but I'm not too sure of that. Someone might wanna chip in. =)
  5. ckng is right, reshelling removes the original casing it is in and place the driver in a custom mould. Currently there's a few Companies doing remoulds, and Unique Melody (UM) is one of them. Dont worry too much about remoulding yet, find urself a good earphone/headphone and start enjoying the music.. =)
  6. hmm.. with regards to bass.. Semi-closed/open may not mean bass is not as much, Beyer DT990 and Senn HD650 has quite a bit of bass being semi-open and open cans; while audio technica has closed cans with less bass. Its more of the sound signature of each brand. =)
  7. WTB - Want To Buy Description of Item : Focal XS Required Condition : Please state in email Required Warranty : Please state in email Offer price : $600 NEG Preferred Location : Central area Preferred Mode of Contact : wenwei.yeo@gmail.com Contact Detail : Wenwei Hi all, I'm looking for a multimedia speaker to replace my dead ones. If you're letting go, do email me and include pictures if possible. Thank you! ~Wenwei
  8. hmm, if you like the blue IEM, which is a custom, you should consider getting a UM Mage, but that will cost a little more than your current budget. As for a TF10 reshell, the universal TF10 cost approximately $600 (guys correct me if I'm wrong, lost touch of prices), and an additional >$300 perform do a reshell. Not advisable unless you already have a TF10.
  9. I suppose the output goes by several names, such as line-out, aux out etc. Not too sure if the term "pre-amp" is the same cos the pre-amp in hi-fi sense acts as a unit to prepare a signal for amplification (usually by a power amp). I might not be fully correct, so if there is a discrepancy in my definition, do correct me. On a side note, which DAC are you looking at?
  10. I guess it depends on whether the DAC/amp unit allows for bypass of the internal amp of the DAC. Most DAC/amps allow for that and in a way, there is no double-amping, which is seldom for soud quality.
  11. whoa!! thats a lot of drivers! Aron, previously, it is not recommended to add drivers to se530 due to perceived poorer SQ. May I know how they manage to rectify the problem and is there possibility of a demo? =X I'm interested as my se530 warranty is almost up and the cable seem to be stiffening up (its should be a matter of time before the cables give up on me).
  12. hmm.. "whether it is worth it" is very subjective. And I don't think anyone can help you determine it. When I first got the ESW10jpn, buyer's remorse hit me. But now that I've spent time with it, I am glad i bought it in the 1st place. Thus, my thoughts second the above posts, just enjoy your new purchase!!
  13. Hi, I have a problem and hope you gurus can help. I've moved home recently and just finished hooking together my dad's speaker setup. However, there seem to be a problem with the turntable. The right speaker sounds more muted compared to the left. I've tried swapping cables and speakers and it seems there will always to 1 side that seems to be softer. I'm still trying to locate the source of the problem and it would be great if you can help me narrow the possibility. Thanks in advance!!
  14. i thought the one selling 2nd hand cds at marina square(near the cinama area) was called Earz . Remember seeing it elsewhere but the location slipped my mind. Another place would be Dreams at Pearl's centre.. But its been a while since I've been there.
  15. wait a minute, are you talking about Iquble V1 or V2??
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