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  1. selling those two, Sennheiser HD 650 - sgd500 condition 8.5/10 apursound v3 hd650 cable 6 feet - sgd 280. sms me ur offer at 98774653 cheers!
  2. nice... it even has mounting point for capacitors.. if only the website is in english..
  3. shed some light for me.... wat's the search term to use to locate that adapter in farnell?
  4. anyone has spare? i'm looking for Single-to-dual Op-Amp browndog adapter http://cimarrontechnology.com/surfacemountadapters.aspx
  5. nope.. only have 1... i can lend it to you...
  6. depends on the opamps.. some uses more power.. some less... i agree.. i will check... one of my lm 6655 is damaged.. sad... most prob due to the previous meet...
  7. mimi, do you have a chance to try ne5532 for buffer? my ne5532 came as stock buffer for my D1.. happen to take it out and give it a try.. quite a good buffer imo...
  8. yup.. we'll meet at 1:30 at clementi mrt control station.. i can bring my set of opamps...
  9. Hi Guys.. i need you who are on the list to confirm your attendance... the venue will be at nus kent ridge campus.. ^-^
  10. guys.. if we change venue to nus kent ridge campus.. ok for everyone? will meet at clementi mrt station first...
  11. i did my own cable with cardas connector and solid core copper(i know.. but since i'm not gonna shift it around that often.. i will do by with it..).. wow... treble extension is now better compared to stock... still burning in.. :-)
  12. try changing your usb cable.. it fix this problem for me..
  13. congrats on your new diy cable... i'm waiting for my cardas hpsc to arrive.. :-)
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