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    senn hd 600, akg 271 studio, grado sr 80, sennheiser px100, koss ksc 35, koss ksc-75, akg 26p, shure e2c, senn mx 500
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    diy morgan jones, musical fidelity v.1 and musical fidelity v.2
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    cal delta transport > monarchy dip 2 > msb link 2 with upsampling; apple ipod 4g 20 gig.
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    diy consonance ella amp using valveart 6550 tubes, spendor s3/5 speakers, a whole bunch of diy interconnects, digital cables, power cords, suspensions, diy rollerblocks, etc etc
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    cal delta > monarchy dip > msb link > diy morgan jones > senn hd 600/grado sr 80 (soon hope to add an akg 271s)
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    team music!!

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    music/books/chilling out with friends.
  1. I have available for immediate sale the captioned unit in perfect condition. It was purchased from the local agent in January 2009 for $250.00 and sometime in April 2009 was exchanged for a brand new unit as the earlier one developed a glitch which was put down to manufacturing defect. I am looking at $190.00 or nearest for a unit that is about 2 months old. This is the upgraded version. It comes complete with box, rechargeable battery pack, adaptor and usb cable. Please text me at 9228 1134 if you are interested. Thank you for reading this.
  2. hello, i have a spanking brand new crossroads mylarone bijou [black] which came bundled with another item purchased from jaben only this afternoon. the mylarones have never been tried on - the pack has never been opened - thats how brand new it is. its of no use to me as i am pretty happy with my yuin pk2 buds for commuting. jaben sells these for $70.00. i will let it go at $50.00. pickup at raffles mrt at a date/time to be agreed. pls text me if you are interested in this item. cell no is. 9228 1134. thank you. yekim
  3. i spotted the ms-1 at hung bros - thats at sim lim square - about 2 weeks back - $160.00
  4. go to watsons. look for ladyjane bendyrollers. its stuff women use for curling their hair. its a foamed tube with a hollow canal which holds a bendable metal bar. pull foam back, cut off bar and you have a very flexible and soft foamed tube-btw its blue in colour - take 2 of these and stick them to the grado headband. tweak costs about $6. dont like it - give the rest of the foamed tubes to your significant other. or use them as equipment supports. im using these on my senn 600 and theyre perfect and cheap cheap.
  5. hi mackie, forgot koba to be honest - shame on me will give that place a shot for the mini xlr. any suggestions as to a suitable cable that might mate well with the 271? cheers y
  6. yekim

    Beyer DT831s

    hi havent heard the beyers but acquired the akg 2 weeks back and have no regrets. after burning them in for about 100 hours, i found it to be a very engaging phone - one that really draws you into the mix. if you listen to it cold, you may not be impressed as i was not impressed when i did - the highs were compressed and the bass was thin. i found that swapping cables had a very noticeable effect with these phones - for eg, using klotz gy107, narrowed the soundstage, thickened the mid bass but squished the highs, using teflon cat 5 cables (twisted pair) accentuated the mids, evened out the highs and bass, belden 89259 provided a fair balance but the bass was still lacking and belden 89207 provided the best balance for me - deep bass, clean mids and highs (i dont use any commercial "branded" cables altho i have some old nordost , aq and chord co cables lying around - gave up on the hype years ago). these shades were not apparent on the senn 600s or the grado sr 80s - so i am impressed with these
  7. hi, any member built a cable for their akg 271s phones? what cables are recommended - specific brands and part numbers very much appreciated. finally, whats s good source for mini xlr female plugs - lhs at slt has run out of this item for now. but i managed to get a neutrik phone jack. thanks yekim
  8. dave douglas - the infinite matthew shipp - equilibrium
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