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    Philips HP-1000 (owned previously: Sony MDR-CD3000, Audio-technica A900, SR-404, Sony 7506, ATH-100Ti, W1000, Ety 4P/S/B, Sennheiser HD600, Philips HP890)
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    straight out of my source! (owned previously: SRM-313, Earmax Pro, MF X-can V2, meta42, PPA self-built)
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    modded E-mu 0404 (owned previously: modded M-audio Revolution and a whole bunch of other cards)
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    various DIY-ed interconnects, headphone extensions, custom volume control for speakers
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    MF A3.2 CDP->Sugden headmaster->Sony CD3K
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  1. hey zen, how's it going? working now?
  2. wow its so nostalgic to post here again after so long. I started this place (and you can see the last reply date) over 4 years ago! how's everyone? kinda got caught up with life and work and other interests. its nice to see the overall look of this place remains the same after all this time. and all my smileys!! haha.. so many back to topic: I'm sure that many would disagree. perhaps I'm lucky to be blessed with only 'bronze'-ears, that can't discern small differences, only big ones. EDIT: WOW its been FIVE years! amazing.
  3. hey man, missed this. Happy belated birthday! cheers mate
  4. ablaze


    sure. pm me your offer
  5. ablaze

    New look?

    where'd all my happy smilies go? :'( haha..
  6. from Todd? man.. there's some MAJOR FOTM-hyping going on at head-fi right now.. I feel sucked in..
  7. pray tell. where did you get it from and for how much?
  8. whats been done: server shifted to yotiao's host to do: updating dns servers so www.sgheadphones.net's url will automatically direct to the new server domain ownership to who?
  9. that went relatively smooth. looks like sgheadphones is in good hands (with actual expertise in forum handling! )!
  10. I'm in the midst of transferring a backup made yesterday night (note: all posts after that might be lost, once we switch servers!) lets hope things go smoothly
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