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  1. jazzfish

    WTB: Audio Technica AD900 or AD1000

    **MOD EDIT** Please deal by PM. Thank you.
  2. if you're not too sure bout yr choice, do go down to jaben or stereo and ask to try it with yr fav music then at least u make your decision with confidence
  3. jazzfish

    Recommendations for headphones?

    yup why not iems. its more portable and unobtrusive and that might prove a key factor
  4. jazzfish

    is beats by dre worth it?

    Beats novelty has been diluted by all the fakes. i tried their inears sounded little too bassy for my taste but I prefer good mids so maybe thats why. there are many many other options, state your music/usage preferences and maybe the others can guide you to a shortlist
  5. jazzfish

    A little help?

    HD598 looks great in its luxurious beige. Go for it! beats novelty has been diluted by all the fakes
  6. jazzfish

    help with choosing what headphone to buy? :/

    M50 gets good reviews in various forums and are readily available as well
  7. jazzfish

    FS -***MODE DELETE***

    ***MOD DELETE*** Please read the rules before posting WTS ads. Don't get into trouble due to your ignorance.