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  1. anyone knows what kind of equpiments do i need?? basically i also want to do a frequncey reponse as well. are there USB osciliioscope with the functions available in Singapore?
  2. Anyone familiar if where in Hong Kong can i find diy stores/electronic parts stores??
  3. kookie


    hmm.. how you guys manage to do a minature crossover for your diy multi drivers?
  4. used less than 30hours... like new...everything as they are, aluminium case, full box. pm me your offer. COD only. Trade in Aljunied in evening after 7pm Wednesday/Thursday or City Central /City Hall in Noon
  5. used to get the mfrom Hong Kong, but they arent available anymore =/ any idea where i can get the micro 2 pins found on UE/Westone cable?
  6. if its just the cable connection issue, most diyers could fix that with a little soldering or re-termination of the jack, but if its a driver problem, you'll have to send it to the local dist for repair.
  7. sounds interesting.. its making my wallet tickle again...which isn't a good news for me...
  8. i still dont understand the technical part regarding the 3 pin....=X basically its gonna need more "juice" to drive the 12 driver version i guess??
  9. thanks, any idea how much they go for per pair?
  10. where to get them at a reasonable price??
  11. Thanks for the heads up!! i've experimented with diy solid state amps, now i wanna move up to tubes and hopefully sounds decent in combo.. xD
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