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  1. hahaha nice im still at nirvana with the dt48a/s will try them at my local store oh btw i got to try the new version of the ifi - idsd micro sounded very smooth on my ety er4b waiting to test them with the dt48
  2. wow dale did not know u bt so many dt1350 is the sound still flat compared to the other 1 u own? may be its the seal that is causing the effect?
  3. i agree its similar sounding to hd650
  4. there is but its not cheap cos the female jacks cost a bomb
  5. pressing the dt48 drivers close to the ears may have similar effect with the orig pads but i guess pandora would be more portable
  6. looks heavy but the idea of using BAs on headphone is cool how does it compare to the DT48s, im still loving it lots
  7. ah ok well the brown one/tan is really interesting choice of colour
  8. hahaha thats a nice theory i was referring to this http://en.goldenears.net/11063
  9. haha the only reason is that COP is more affordable for me than the B&O
  10. thats interesting may be i should compare it to the ancient dt48s side by side
  11. one interesting site i found had measurements where the fakes and the real ones where too similar
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