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  1. This amp is in pristine condition. It is still one of the most powerful portable amps around and can power just about any set of phones, yet the noise floor is so low I can easily use it with my K10's with absolutely no hiss. The volume potentiometer is one of the most micro adjustable I have used, IMO. I am original owner and have never used it outside of the home. All silk screening is unblemished. I will include the re-chargeables batteries. Comes with original packaging & all. Deal at One-North area. Thanks for looking. sold
  2. yes, I've contacted tubeman alrdy...wanted to try darkkopi's crystal reference lod as well...
  3. kopi, looks very good, where did you get the LOD?
  4. bro david, great followings in Jaben forum, how to get or demo the vilgrind?
  5. Though I've the irons and WBT solder but I'm just too lazy to DIY...btw theory_87, OT a bit, how's the UE Custom Cable with TriFi compared with the stock cable?
  6. i'm looking for a LOD (iPod to mini) to live with and to shield me from upgraditis, too many choices too many options, any bros reached final destination with these or others? care to share your views? 1. Ultimate Link Silver Master i 2. ALO (has silver, crystal, cryo...but which one?) 3. Qables silvercab pro 4. Jaben's Cryo Copper/Silver 5. Vilgrind 6. DIY LOD will be used with iPod 6G > RSA BB > UE trifi pro
  7. At LHS I usually ask for Mr Lim to do my DIY belden cables, his workmanship is superb...sometimes if on the way, he even delivers his cables, makes life easy, you can order your cables just with a phone call.
  8. second that, es7 is polished swee swee and sounds good too.
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