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  1. Yep. Interested in getting one, the LT one hopefully. Is it still selling in SG? Or do I have to import?
  2. That means I have to get a dedicated machine to play music from...
  3. Hi guys. I've been looking for a good soundcard replacement, and so far none has satisfied my needs. I want good music, and yet good gaming performance as well. The audigy2 has wonderful gaming performance, everything is hardware accelerated, works up to EAX aHD. Problem it upsamples everything below 48khz to 48khz (correct me if I'm wrong), has wierd sampling issues with the drivers, and the music quality can't really compare to, well, the Revo7.1. The revo's a wonderful card, yes, it has everything, except good gaming performance. To game using EAX, one must switch the card to the Sensaura mode, and everything will be resampled to 48khz (according to reviews I've read) and it eats up the CPU time like nothing. Certain EAX issues are also present, althought I'm not too sure what. So what I was thinking, was to get both an A2 and a Revo7.1, and hook up the A2's line out to the Revo7.1's line in, and run my cans off the Revo, is that wise? A2 would be set as primary sound, and all music players (winamp and the like) set to play off the Revo. Everything will run in 2 channel mode. What do you guys think?
  4. My mp3s are always playing, so I just hooked my cans up, and adjusted the volume from barely audible, mildly audible, and audible, each for 24 hours. I heard it's good to burn in cans with the music you listen to, so it will be 'tuned' to your kind of music, which was essentially what I was doing.
  5. I highly recommend the 890s! Bang for buck. Really. You won't go wrong with it
  6. Right, so I was mistaken about the open/closed issue... My bad I always learn new things here Anyway thanks a lot for everything!
  7. Thanks a lot! Yeah you are on the right track for the HP890, and as for the CMOY, it's easy to build, but it's hard to find the container to put it in. What's harder is getting my lazy ass up to go to SLT to find the parts.
  8. Audigy? No way! Audigy2 maybe. What's so bad about the SBLive anyway?
  9. My soundcard? A simple SBLive DE5.1. Nothing fancy. It's not really a bad distortion, it just sounds like the bass becomes too loud and something can't handle it and it just sounds wobbly. I was expecting a hard thump like what one would get with a solid subwoofer
  10. No idea, but I seem to hear it on almost every version of this song, and the same anomaly in some other songs, and I always think my equipment is not up to standard (just a PC man, lol)
  11. Thanks to all for the warm welcome Ablaze, I'm not sure, my Hotel California is off a CD, but it's duped from the original which I borrowed from my friend. The slight distortion is from the part where the drum comes in right after the acoustic solo, is it inherent to the source of recording? Blues, the bass may be lacking on the KSC-35s as compared to any large cans, but the clarity of sound and staging is there, with that size and for the price of $55 it's very worth it too. I own(ed) it, and I love it. Too bad it's going back to US now cos it screwed up and when it comes back I have to burn it in all over again...
  12. First of all it's my 1st thread here, so easy on me And as always whatever on this page is subjective, and everything I say here is solely on my opinion. I'm just starting out on Hi-Fi headphones and as such, and I'm giving my testimonial of a very good starting out headphone, the HP890. As many of you will agree with me (Vulpix pointed me to the right direction, and I was reading up and stuff) this pair of cans is very damn well worth the price. In comparison with my Sennheiser HD490, a pair of hopeless cans I bought out of impulse years ago, the HP890 blows it away. And it costed me $99 back then too, same price as the HP890 now. After burning it in for 2 days, 1st day on soft volume and 2nd day on medium, I decided to kill my curiousity and put the cans on on the 3rd day. Yeah, I wasn't listening to it for the 2 days of burn in, except to adjust the volume. I played my favourite test track, Dream Theater's Hollow Years - it has a really good acoustic opening; and I was absolutely shocked. The guitar was clear, and the staging was good. Something I never got on my HD490, which is kind of murky. 1 thing tho, the guitar section seemed clearer on my KSC-35, but the staging, I feel, is better on the 890. Then I put on a popular test song, Eagle's Hotel California (live version). This is where I got blown away. The clarity was there, and the staging was great, I enjoyed the song in a way I've never did before. For $99, damn it's worth it. But this pair of cans, as for it's price, does come with a few flaws. One thing I feel is that the bass is quite loose. I run it directly off my soundcard so therefore I guess this may be the problem. My opinion may change once I can afford a headphone amp and get better cables. There are slight crackles in the music at certain areas too, possibly a sign of the cans wanting more current. Oh yeah, this pair of cans can't work well with my ipod. It sounds horrible. Most likely the pod doesn't have enough power to power it. Also, as with closed headphones (I think it's closed, it cups my ears and outside noise is greatly dampened, I take that as closed) it gets uncomfortable after some time. And it's pretty heavy. I can sweat while having it on. Also, when I move my head a little I can hear creaking at low volumes, due to the adjustable headband. The flaws aren't really flaws on the cans itself, but just decided to include them. So anyone out there who wants to start on headphone hi-fi and don't know where to start, the Phillips HP890 is the way to go. Don't buy a HD490 on impulse. For $99 the 890 is a steal. I saw someone selling it here for $20 even. Got sweeped up within 2 minutes. Lol. While I'm at this, any cheap amp to start with? Apart from the CMOY, as that's a portable. I AM building the CMOY for my KSC-35s tho. Best is that I don't have to build it, maybe pre-assembled PPAs, or META45s
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