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  1. I'm cancelling the meet... Only 2 people going.
  2. I'm not the best to judge the sound quality, but the sound is awesome. The equalizer is fun to play with too.
  3. Come down anyway lah, and test drive our MP3 players, open up your eyes!
  4. My soon to be arriving new MP3 player, the Nex IIe will be coming around thurs/fri, so I am proposing a small mini meet at Suntec, near Marche, for all to test and abuse my new MP3 player. Gentlemen, feel free to bring down your portables as well! When will it be? It will be organised on the 20th of December, a Saturday, at 1:30pm so no excuses yer hear! Requirements for testing this new MP3 player will be: A) Bring your own ear/head/hand/bird phone You can bring your own music to test as well, but it must be copied to a FAT16 formatted Compact Flash card. Now onto the attendees list! 1) Vulpix (Bringing Nex IIe) 2) xx (bringing xx) Add your name down!
  5. Still waiting for recommendations for smaller and not so xbox huge earphones.
  6. Disclaimer to the rest of SGH: I will not be held liable for any abuse from the usage of the above smiley there in named "megarolleyes.gif" from the user "N3w Typ3" nor will I be held liable from any physical or emotional trauma caused by the above emoticon, either directly or indrectly.
  7. Yes, specially for you. Just don't use it too often since it's from my own webspace.
  8. More people join leh, so few people...
  9. http://forums.hardwarezone.com/showthread....threadid=616885 Click the link if you want to audition the Nex IIe.
  10. Please sign with a reply if you approve of this earth shattering change.
  11. Dragon boat race going to happen at 1:30 today at Singapore river too!
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