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  1. Hello Lazy boy its cardiac arrest. most healthy people just do not go into cardiac arrest.. **the thing that caused his cardiac arrest is what would be the reason for his death** the real reason for his death is still unknown because they are doing tests on him.. the results of the tests would take a few weeks. yes it is slow. it is not like CSI where it takes a few hours to get results of testing. it takes a few weeks. so we wont know the real reason for his death till a few more months
  2. Hello, i have sound coming out of my laptop speaker but no sound from my headphone jack
  3. Hi Everyone I am new here, just signed up a couple hours ago.I hope, I have a good time here.I am Chriss Steeven. I am 24 years, I am from London.Now I am doing Graduation.and I am also working in a play school.. I love children.I love to play games on PC, Watching Cartoons and making friends...
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