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    HD650-Clou Red, HD 25-1, Amperior, AKG K1000
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    Bryston BP25 preamp headphone out, Sound Devices HX-3, Corda HA-2, Headroom Total Airhead, Headroom Total Bithead, iFi iDSD
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    MF A3; Marantz SA14; Philips PCDP AX7201,EXP101, AZ9001, AZ7464, AZ6811, AZ6813, AZ6827, AZ6837, AZ6840, AZ6841, AZ6844, AZ6847, AZ6848, AZ6849, AZ7362, D6800; Technics PCDP SL-XP1, SL-XP2, SL-XP6, SL-XP160, SL-XP240, SL-XP290, SL-XP300, SL-XP330, SL-XP350, SL-XP370, SL-XP490, SL-XP505, SL-XP570, SL-XP600, SL-XP700, SL-XPS900; Kenwood PCDP DPC-981; Sony PCDP D-2, D-T3, D-4/40, D-9, D-12, D-14, D-T24, D-33, D-34, D-35, D-36, D-66, D-88, D-113CR, D-121, D-127, D-131, D-141, D-147CR, D-151, D-245, D-465, D-555, D-802K, D-808K, PRD-150; Denon PCDP DCP-7D, DCP100; Aiwa PCDP XP-6; Ferguson PCDP CD-P51; Lasermate PCDP SA-6103; Fisher PCDP PCD-5700; Sanyo CDP-65A; Thomson LAD580
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    Bryston BP25/4B-SST, SF Grand Piano Home
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    Home: A3/SA14 - BP25/HA-2 - HD650-Clou Red; On the move/Office: Vintage PCDP - Sound Devices HX-3 - HD25-1; iFi DSD - Amperior

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    Photography (Rollei, Praktica, Contax)<br />Classical Music (Chinese and Western)<br />Audiophile CDs<br />Jogging
  1. fuwen

    Merry Christmas

    Yes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!!
  2. fuwen

    Collecting Walkman

    I used to collect discman but these gadgets are so old reliability will be an issue. http://fuwen.net/index.php/home/hifi-corner/24-years-of-discman
  3. fuwen


    Sorry for the very very late greetings. Think here has been quite quiet lately. How's your music journey? Happy 2017, cheers!
  4. All along I believe that other than the source, the headphone plays an important part in an audiophile headphone system set up. But after experiencing Perfidus, I realised the headamp could present such a wide sound stage and a three dimensional feeling of the recordings. It has lots of details in the low, mid and high range, a sweet enough mid range, accurate positioning, and yet and the same time sounds musical, and I believe it can greatly improve the musical performance of a headphone set up. If you are looking for a headphone amp, I would strongly suggest you audit the Perfidus! http://www.fuwen.net...fidious-headamp
  5. fuwen


    On 1 Aug 2013, one of Wen Fu's songs that was banned was boardcasted again in 3 main Singapore board casting stations. http://www.fuwen.net...-02-08-07-50-06
  6. fuwen

    Sennheisor ear pad

    Ordered from eBay China source instead....
  7. fuwen

    Sennheisor ear pad

    Is the replacement earpad for hd600/650 still available in Singapore? Used to get them from Hung's Brother but they dun sell anymore....
  8. fuwen

    Nice classical pieces

    The great Beethoven Ninth (Choral) Symphony. The first classical music with human voices added to the symphony by a well know composer. Now DG has an iPad apps that has 4 versions of the performance, details of the symphony, comments by various artists, composers and reporters, music score and animated instrument presentation. http://www.fuwen.net/index.php/home/classical-music/beethoven-ninth/120-beethoven-ninth
  9. fuwen

    Nice classical pieces

    Mozart The Prussian Quartets, performed by Emerson Quartet Emerson Quartet moved from DG to Sony Label in 2011. They have been recording with DG since 1987. This is their first recording release under Sony. Moving ahead, the cellist David Finckel will also be leaving the quartet, and taking over the baton is cellist and conductor Paul Watkins. http://www.fuwen.net/index.php/home/classical-music/emerson-quartet/118-emerson-quartet
  10. fuwen

    Sennheiser Momentum

    I had a chance to try out the Momentum and was quite please with its sonic performance. IMHO its sonic performance is approaching the HD 650, short of the airiness because being a closed headphone. Momentum is not price cheap, but Momentum is well build with good material and the details have been taken care of. If you are looking for a headphone with good sound isolation, elegant design, and yet is portable, I would say Momentum definitely worth your audition. http://www.fuwen.net/index.php/home/hifi-corner/sennheiser-momentum/117-sennheiser
  11. fuwen

    Nice classical pieces

    Every year I will not miss attending the Sound and Sight Journal Hifi exhibition organised by my old friend/teacher Mr Tham. Having stop upgrading equipment for so long, the main mission attending the show is to collect the latest CD recordings. There are always very good stuff available for grab. These few years I had been collecting old classical recordings re-issued by Hugo in their proprietary LPCD format. Some were familiar recordings to me like Carmen-Fantasie by Anne-Sophie, Rossini Overtures conducted by Karajan, my favourite Rossini Strings Sonatas performed by small strings group. Also there were recordings I had not collected like the American music performed by Menuhin and Grappelli, a strange recordings with bird calls Serenata performed by Maastricht Salon Orchestra, or Diabolus in Musica performed by Accardo which was outstanding both in performance and recording. In this year show I collected few recordings: Violin concertos played by Szeryng, Beethoven piano concertos by Karajan and Weissenberg, Overtures & Intermezzi by Karajan. Also a great recording of David Oistrakh playing The Devil's Trill. The Devil's Trill is a mono recording, but one can already feel the greatness of Oistrakh! http://www.fuwen.net...=114&Itemid=199
  12. fuwen

    Feng Fei Fei Applause

    I am not really a fan of Fong Fei Fei (凤飞飞). But like many people born in the same generation, Fong Fei Fei is a name very familiar to us. With her passed away we loss yet another familiar Chinese singer of our era. But certainly many will remember her, and the beautiful past in that generation. Fong Fei Fei's family had been very tight lip on her death news, which only release much later in 2012 after the Chinese New Year and thus a surprise to many of us. I quickly found from my CD collection some old CD recordings of hers. Although she is a good singer, her style not totally to my taste. I like only one of her late production 'Applause' (掌声响起). To me 'Applause' is a nearly perfect performance of Fong Fei Fei. The rest of her songs are cordial, but this one is certainly grand. The song started nearly with solo vocal, and ended with grand orchestra support and great climax, that will touch the performer and the audience. I once saw this so called audiophile CD of Fong Fei Fei and happily bought it. But when played back from my hifi system I found the vocal recording so harsh, definitely not doing justice to Fong Fei Fei's voice. So the CD was kept aside for a long time. After so long I listened again this time, and reached the same conclusion: could not make it. Lately after Fong Fei Fei passed away lots of CDs with her songs were released. I chose one of them and found the vocal recording so much more better! http://www.fuwen.net/index.php?option=com_...=129&Itemid=198
  13. fuwen

    Nice classical pieces

    Anne-Sophie Mutter can be said as one of the best classical violinist in the world. Other than technically perfect in playing, which is the norm nowadays for modern violinists, her playing also has a unique style of her own: colourful, different, and with great dynamics. While it is not difficult to tell the violinist based on his style of playing in the older era, where technical perfection is not present, it is quite difficult to differentiate modern soloists, as all are as technical perfect as they can be, but lack of individual character. Mutter this 4 CDs album 'Back to the Future' collected her year 2000 spring performances in New York, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. That series of performances were essentially music written in the 20th century. These music are quite different from the classical music in the romantic and classical era. Composers were trying out different musical forms and musical ideas. It is more on the effect of sound than about nice rhythm. It is about unharmonised chords and difficult rhythm. In symphonies the brass and the woodwind are taking over violins playing the main musical ideas. Music lovers who loves 20th century works, or those who attempting to try these works, I guess Mutter's will not disappoint you with her interpretation in 'Back to the Future'. http://www.fuwen.net/index.php?option=com_...=130&Itemid=196
  14. fuwen

    Beethoven Violin Concerto op. 61

    SACD is still my favourite audiophile format. This time accidentally I chanced upon this SACD recording of David Oistrakh's Beethoven violin concerto in stereo. My admirable soloist playing my favourite violin concerto in SACD format, so I straight away bought it online! This 1959 stereo concerto recording of EMI Classics was supported by French National Radio Orchestra, conducted by Andre Cluytens. CD booklet was all in Japanese, I supposed the recording was specially prepared for Japanese Audiophiles. David Oistrakh interpretation and performance of the Beethoven violin concerto without surprise was very good. He was playing with a slower tempo typical of that era. Steady performance with very warm and rich vibrato. The orchestra gave very good support to the solo violin. The recording a bit biased towards the soloist. The final chord of the third movement was decisive. http://www.fuwen.net/index.php?option=com_...=131&Itemid=197