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    forever crazy
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  • Headphones
    HD650-Clou Red, HD 25-1, Amperior, AKG K1000
  • Headphone amplifiers
    Bryston BP25 preamp headphone out, Sound Devices HX-3, Corda HA-2, Headroom Total Airhead, Headroom Total Bithead, iFi iDSD
  • Sources
    MF A3; Marantz SA14; Philips PCDP AX7201,EXP101, AZ9001, AZ7464, AZ6811, AZ6813, AZ6827, AZ6837, AZ6840, AZ6841, AZ6844, AZ6847, AZ6848, AZ6849, AZ7362, D6800; Technics PCDP SL-XP1, SL-XP2, SL-XP6, SL-XP160, SL-XP240, SL-XP290, SL-XP300, SL-XP330, SL-XP350, SL-XP370, SL-XP490, SL-XP505, SL-XP570, SL-XP600, SL-XP700, SL-XPS900; Kenwood PCDP DPC-981; Sony PCDP D-2, D-T3, D-4/40, D-9, D-12, D-14, D-T24, D-33, D-34, D-35, D-36, D-66, D-88, D-113CR, D-121, D-127, D-131, D-141, D-147CR, D-151, D-245, D-465, D-555, D-802K, D-808K, PRD-150; Denon PCDP DCP-7D, DCP100; Aiwa PCDP XP-6; Ferguson PCDP CD-P51; Lasermate PCDP SA-6103; Fisher PCDP PCD-5700; Sanyo CDP-65A; Thomson LAD580
  • Other equipment
    Bryston BP25/4B-SST, SF Grand Piano Home
  • Favourite configuration used
    Home: A3/SA14 - BP25/HA-2 - HD650-Clou Red; On the move/Office: Vintage PCDP - Sound Devices HX-3 - HD25-1; iFi DSD - Amperior

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    Photography (Rollei, Praktica, Contax)<br />Classical Music (Chinese and Western)<br />Audiophile CDs<br />Jogging
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