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  1. I Tried the SJ-55 for a while,I did a comparison of it to the koss portapro,though the sound of the sj-55 was generally brighter and clearer,i prefered the well-balanced sound of the PortaPro to it though,so I got the portapro instead,as for the rest,i'll give them a try whenever i'm free enough ps.i'm just a 15 year old student,trying to start a collection of headphones,i've got nine so far,all are under $100 though,I thank all of you for your help
  2. I use it For music,Mostly On-the-go,I listen to all types of music except pop and techno Hope this helps
  3. Heya,I'm Looking For headphones below $100, I want Headphones,not In-ears please,Soooooo.......Any Suggestions? if there are,where can I get them? lastly I want good sound quality,not looks THANKS PPL
  4. i find that a strong bass gives a strong feel of the beat,mostly for me is the drumbeat is very obvious,and i like it like that
  5. Looking To buy headphones and headphones only for under $100 any offers,Leave a message ,Thnx
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