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  1. Dunno about that specific Denon DCD, but I'm using their DVD2930 (universal player - SACD, DVDA, etc) and can highly recommend it. Right now, my favourite combo is: DVD2930 > AudioMagic Sorcerer IC > Consonance Cyber30 > Denon D7k
  2. Your best bet is probably ebay or amazon.
  3. cmk

    Voltage swings

    Got the problem fixed while I was in SG last week. TS Lim just tapped the right setting (6v) for the tubes and its now silent. Got back to Shanghai and plugged in the AT W100 and enjoying the music. The Denon D7k has been a revelation in their detail retrieval, and very beautiful sounding through the Cyber 30. Gonna try swapping around to see how it sounds through the Diva.
  4. cmk

    A2000X vs W1000X

    I wasn't the first to get this amp; headphonecrazy got it first, after that Blues bought it. I love the sound of the 2A3 tube, pure single ended triode music, especially good with classical music. Mine came with the latest 2A3C tube, which headfi reports is the better tube. Now experimenting with the 12AX7 driver tube. Consonance has 2 headphone amps: Cyber 30 and the Cyber 20 based on the EL84 tube. I prefer the sound of triodes. The Cyber 30 has been discountinued, so I was lucky to find this.
  5. cmk

    A2000X vs W1000X

    Who sells the Zana Deux? and what's the price range? I just got a new amp and its sounds fabulous:
  6. Does anyone know if voltage swings will cause tube equipment to hum? I've been told that the voltage at night goes up quite a bit. Would solid state equipment be less susceptible to hum in these situations?
  7. cmk

    Diva Headphone amp

    I currently listen to music mostly through my main rig: Esoteric P/D5>Modwright SWLP9.0SE pre>Sanders ESL power>Cabasse Baltic/Thor After relocating, I've yet to setup the headphone rig: Benchmark DAC1>Diva Headphone amp (NOS tubes)>AT W100/Beyer DT990II You have to get NOS tubes to get the best out of the Diva, it makes a huge difference.
  8. Brahms: Violin Concerto and Double Concerto [sA-CD - CD compatible] [HYBRID SACD] Julia Fischer (Artist), Daniel Müller-Schott (Artist), Johannes Brahms (Composer), Yakov Kreizberg (Conductor), Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra (Orchestra) Complete Beethoven Edition, Vol. 7: Violin Sonatas Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer), Bruno Canino (Performer), Martha Argerich (Performer), Wilhelm Kempff (Performer), David Garrett (Performer), Gidon Kremer (Performer), Yehudi Menuhin (Performer) All I can say is: WOW!
  9. This is SOTA for CD/SACD playback: the Esoteric P-05/D-05. The P05 employs their proprietory VRDS-NEO clamping system with their linear tracking laser. As you can see from the pic, there's a window for you to see the clamp. Outputs are via iLink (Firewire IEEE1394 standard) or Dual XLR (one for each channel), both capable of transmitting digital signal for CD and SACD. Construction is dual mono and quality is first rate. The D05 uses the latest 32bit upsampling chipset from AKM Semicon (AKM4397), one per channel in a mono construction, ie left and right channels are separated. Not only are the DACs 32bit, so are the filters and the delta sigma modulator. It also features a word clock input/output, which I have connected to the P05 via the BNC connectors. This means that both units share the same clock and lowers jitter to 3ppm, locked at Esoteric's 100khz universal clock signal. Sound is simply sublime. The soundstage extends well beyond the speakers and room, with precise yet unforced detail. Little things you never heard before on familar discs all come through clearly. Some might ask if this detail then induces fatigue, but this is never the case and the sound is liquid and natural. The air and separation between instruments is first rate. If you want the best/latest technology, this is it. List is $21000 -10% discount.
  10. New source: I think I went a bit overboard with this, but the music is amazing.
  11. Guys, thanks for the kind thoughts! and Happy New Year to all at SGHeadphones!
  12. Err...who's Denon 5000 was this? Did anybody get a good listen? How does it sound?
  13. Not sure if its the same version, I believe Lim has updated the Diva since then. I noticed there were a number of Chinese bros this time round, including Yotiao, all had very impressive equipment. Its good to see more new comers. One commented to me that Yotiao only started in this hobby only 2 years ago. Talk about fast learners!
  14. The Diva headamp should be able to drive the K1000, but no one tried it.
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