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  1. Well, the 25Ω DT48E is a vintage and doesn't sound like the New DT48E, it has a mid centric sound, of all the DT48 series, these have more of the magical mids, the position is clearly central at the singer's microphone position, then the rest fall around it like a 3D bubble effect. I will let Nekatrall try them all again when his amp has been fixed.
  2. I have tried Nekatrall's DT48A, the difference in the SQ is that the treble seems more outstandish, midrange seems farther and that is because the ear pads are different, it has more distance due to the air cushion effect and the recess is also larger, thus the distance of the drivers to the ears are further than mine, i bought my pads from a UK seller and they do rest closer, pressing the DT48A that Nekatrall had to the extreme provided the similar DT48A sound that i know so well. Bass is also better on my pads and greater on the Flat vinyl ovals that came with my vintage E.
  3. Noted on that, also agree on boosted highs relate to soundstage to a certain extent.
  4. I will try that if the stores has one for audition. Why do you suspect so?
  5. That is true they did not specify when they applied it but in context, that the particular DIN standard meant for Audiometry is applied in general to all DT48 models. I could not find a date for the implementation of the actual DIN 45 620 but have seen through Google search, an article of review that dates mid 1940's, just couldn't manage to open that PDF file. In the second link, that picture depicts the DT48A and not the DT48E, DT48E was mentioned as a variant.
  6. Try this link, it says the DT48 since 1937 has been following the DIN standard 45620 DT48 DT48A
  7. All the DT48 i mentioned have the same ear pads. The new E pads. I have also the soft ovals and the round rubber pads, which i can try, as the new E pads can be removed easily as they are stuck on only by double sided tape.
  8. I have to disagree on this Dale, the DT48S sounds light and with more clarity, less the sub-bass that you can find on the DT48A. It has better resolution on the mids and highs, possibly on the upper lows too. I've tried and compared them in all ways conceiveable, through my vintage receiver amp headphones output, Meier Arietta, LDmk4SE, Objective2, direct from all my DAPs and Laptop. The 3 major models have their differences, and the last is the Vintage E which has the most mid centric presentation, while the new E version sounds closer to the A but not as resolving.
  9. Switching from the DT48A to the DT48S, immediately unveiled more details. edit, song tested, Carly Rae Jepson - Call me maybe. Wonderfully mastered track imho. Thanks to Nekatrall for that sumptuous buffet treat.
  10. DACs would round off the edges and sound more natural.
  11. I dont rely solely of FR graphs, but the TMA is dark and not so clear, so how much more can you expect out of the studio version, in a review somewhere, it was reviewed as fuzzy, so much for that.
  12. With the DT48 in mention, there is no equal.
  13. The TMA sounds okayish, bro you should try the DT48A, you can still be saved
  14. This is T1 vs DT48A T1 vs DT48A by KBI
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