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  1. heady

    Creative SX-FI

    The DSP can be turned on or off on the SX-FI but there is no control on the magnitude of the effect unless I miss the option on the phone app. I used it on my PC.
  2. heady

    Creative SX-FI

    Has anyone tried this? I bought the SX-FI Amp to try. Sure sounds weird at the beginning but as your brain adapts to it, it doesn't sound too bad. However it doesn't seem to work well on all recordings. I noticed some women's voices sound too shrill on it. BTW I used it with the Aurvana Trio.
  3. heady

    Happy New Year 2019!

    Yes, Dalethorn, I look forward to your reviews although I don't buy high end phones anymore. With my increasing age, I don't hear that well any more. But keep writing them reviews!
  4. heady

    Happy New Year 2019!

    How come it's so quiet here now? Can't be no one listens to headphones any more? I still use headphones with a USB DAC cum amplifier to view Youtube. Any how. Happy New Year to all who still visit this site.
  5. heady

    Merry Christmas

    +2 :-D
  6. heady

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
  7. heady

    pimeta v1.1b need help

    How about showing some pics, otherwise no one will comment without more info.
  8. heady

    Word Association

  9. heady

    Sennheiser RS 120 or eqvuivalent

    I think nekatrall means why not buy from Stereo Electronics? They carry many different brands of headphones and usually give good advice. :-)
  10. heady

    Apple dumps analog headphone amp support

    Since when does that stop Apple? As long as Apple fanbois happily keep shelling out money for perceived design features, Apple won't care.
  11. Ok, the store name is Sinamex. I checked their web site and it seems they don't sell Ultrasone any more. But you can call them to confirm. http://www.sinamex.com/index.html
  12. If I am not wrong, the distributor for Ultrasone is located in basement of Parklane Shopping Mall in Selegie Road. Building beside Pomo.
  13. heady

    Marshall headphone mod

    Awww.... what a shame. But I know how you feel. Whenever doing a project, I just want to finish it. Afterwards then I realise, alamak, should have document with some pics. Next time you don't forget ok?
  14. heady

    Marshall headphone mod

    Nice. Any pics of the inside of headphone? Porno!!