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    Sennheisser n monster pro
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    Maverick Audio D1 DAC Maverick Audio A1 amp
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    Estoric CD transport Windows music server Apple mini music server
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    OPPO BPP 83 bluray player OPPO DVD 983 DVD player NEW Power n PreAmp
  1. Dragonball

    DAC under $400?

    Check out Maverick Audio D1 n D2 DACs Value for money - allows OP AMP and tube upgrades Plenty of reviews on the Internet. Costs < $350
  2. Go to the shop on Sim Lim Square - sigma av service unit #03-16 They do a pretty decent job n reasonable. The guy at SLT sucks
  3. Dragonball

    USB DAC?

    I am currently using both Windows's n MAC for my entire audio n video collection Best performance is to play through a USB based tube DAC Currently using a Maverick Audio D1 n D2 tube output DAC. The former comes with a headphone tube amp output Value for money - research yourself. Can contact me if you want more info
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