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  1. Selling a set of used Shure SE535 Special Edition Sound Isolating Earphones. Standard Retail Price of SGD779. Bought last year from Jaben 19/8/2012. Earphones are in fantastic condition. Just changed to Olive tips, not used since I changed them. Full package + Box intact. The spare tips given are NOT used at all and are all included. Earphone case included as well. The cables are a bit greyish (originally they were white), but function perfectly. Very popular earphones! Reason I'm selling is due to upgrading to better earphones in the market. Letting go this beauty at a price of SGD350. SMS 91452725 if interested for fast deal. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. Selling the above mentioned open can headphones. These babies were bought at Jaben Pte Ltd dated 6 January 2013. Hence set still under warranty. The headphones are SEVERELY UNDERUSED. I dare say I've only used them less than 5 times. Bought them on an impulse buy. Please do research on these headphones. Bought them at SGD358. Selling them at $250. Condition: 10/10 SMS 9142725 if interested. Thank you.
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