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Found 28 results

  1. Here's an interesting earphone - similar to the Airpods insofar as the earpieces do not go into the ear canals, but different in having a much more secure fit, yet the sound is a mixture - deep bass no better than Airpods, but from the upper bass to the top end much more like a typical IEM. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/marshall-minor-ii-bluetooth-earphone-review.4549/
  2. Here's a little sleeper item - a $99 USD earphone (IEM) that few audiophiles would suspect of being a good listen. And it might be, with the right eartips. It definitely is with a good equalizer. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/beats-urbeats3-decade-collection-earphone-iem-review.4529/
  3. This is not my usual hi-fi headphone/earphone review, but given that this was a free subscription perk from a famous source, I thought it would interesting to see how much sound quality I'd get with it. (Spoiler: not much). http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/stereophile-souvenir-earbuds-iem-earphone-review.4526/
  4. Here's a unique earphone with pewter earpieces. This design had me thinking (no pun intended) of Grado's porous-metal earcup housings that they use in some of their full-size headphones. The idea here is similar - to reduce resonances in the driver housings. U.S. made, the MSRP here is $179, but I don't know at this time what the international availability will be. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/thinksound-usp1-pewter-earpiece-iem-earphone-review.4518/
  5. This could have been just another IEM review, but it's a woody, it's a Thinksound, and to me the sound is as good as or better than the RHA T20i that I had. The sound is definitely V-shaped, and it has a one-button control box with microphone. MSRP is $119 USD. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/thinksound-ts03-plus-in-ear-wood-earpiece-earphone-iem-review.4489/
  6. I got this Bluetooth IEM thrown in with a wired headphone I purchased. This has to be the first time for me that the freebie was better (by far!) than the purchase. Oh, well... http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/soundmagic-e10bt-bluetooth-earphone-iem-review.4464/
  7. This is an IEM that sounds about as good, or in some cases better, than the better IEM's that I've owned, from the RHA T20i to the Sennheiser IE800 to the Final Audio FI-BA-SS. The fact that it's Bluetooth (Qualcomm aptX) is quite a plus, although for absolute fidelity of high resolution tracks, the aptX Bluetooth rules apply. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/v-moda-forza-metallo-wireless-bluetooth-in-ear-iem-earphone-review.4444/
  8. And now the Forza Metallo's lower-cost brother, the Forza Sport Hybrid. Costing $30 USD less than the Metallo and featuring moisture resistance, you might not expect it to be made as well or sound as good. I found the great bass to be about the same with each, although down around 16 hz this Sport Hybrid is slightly less Earth-shaking. Mids are similar, but the treble difference affects the mids somewhat. Using the same medium-large eartips on each, this Sport Hybrid is brighter by a few decibels. Your mileage may vary, according to eartips, ear canals, etc. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/v-moda-forza-sport-hybrid-in-ear-iem-stereo-earphone-review-by-dale.4406/
  9. I've reviewed IEM's before, ranking from "well worth consideration" to "among the very best". This v-moda Forza Metallo is in the latter category, and it's inexpensive (my favorite word). http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/v-moda-forza-metallo-in-ear-iem-stereo-earphone-review.4404/
  10. Selling Oriolus v2 hybrid IEM (4 Drivers, 1 Dynamic Driver + 3 BA) with gen 1 copper cable. Set is working fine. Set is from China hence no warranty. Asking for $old. No low ballers. Leave a PM if interested. http://www.headfonia...s-togo-perfect/ Included -Box -Metal Case -Gen 1 copper cable -A packet of tips -IEM
  11. I can't rave about these IEM's to the extent that I did with the on-ear On2, because I'm not a typical IEM user. In fact, I wasn't looking forward to doing a review on these because I don't like to do a half-hearted review. So I stared at them for a few days wondering whether to just give them away, and finally decided to fire up the MS02 - the 'better' of the two, to see if I could maintain interest through a few music tracks. It sounded pretty good as I went along, so I figured that I'd throw the really tough stuff at the MS02, where I expected the outcome to be 'ho-hum'. Long story short, when I got to my high-res copy of Jimmy Smith's Basin Street Blues, and I heard the detail and instrument separation, I got interested all of a sudden. That's the short story. The longer story is good, because these are 'woodies', not expensive, and well-tuned at that. http://www.mymac.com/2016/10/ms02-and-rain3-in-ear-stereo-earphones-review/
  12. Selling of 1 day old audio technica SOLID BASS In-Ear Headphone ATH-CKS1100 from JAPAN for SG$210. Interested partied pls msg me +65 90406090
  13. Hi all, I'm looking to sell a pair of BRAND NEW AUTHENTIC Sennheiser IE 80's, after some careful research these were purchased as a gift for my other half, but she ended up wanting a set of headphones instead of IEMs. My loss is your gain. These are extremely well reviewed pretty much everywhere and are easy to drive. These retail locally for $599~. Manufacturer Specs: http://en-us.sennheiser.com/earphones-high-end-hifi-stereo-passive-noise-reduction-ie-80 Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any further questions! Price: $450
  14. Here's the perfect thing for an after-Thanksgiving purchase. A really, really good earphone, which BTW sounds a lot like the V-MODA M100 and Wireless. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/community/threads/v-moda-zn-in-ear-ear-canal-earphone-iem-review.4313/
  15. http://www.sony.com.sg/product/xba-a3 SRP $469 Selling $320. Very good condition. Still under warranty. PM if interested.
  16. SoundMAGIC E30 IEM Great budget IEMs. Used for about a year. Purchased from TREOO in end-May 2014. Condition 9/10. The PVC pouch is showing some wear. The earphones themselves are in great condition. Includes: Earphones Card showing the serial no. Original Pouch Original Earhooks Original Clip New eartips Price: $35 Contact me at 913sevenfour696. Rarely come online here.
  17. About 2 months old, but used less than a handful of times. In as-good-as-new condition. Comes with the box and all standard accessories. Also comes with a shorter 46" original Shure cable that was purchased separately; great for portable on the go use. Price: S$360. Please contact me at +6583230438 if you are interested.
  18. Hey all! Putting up a preloved Fitear Parterre for sale! Its been modified with a Moon Audio Silverdragon cable, and JVC Spiral Dot eartips. Hence, the sound is relatively balanced across the spectrum, covering highs, mids and lows without issue. It can handle all sorts of music in general under this custom tweaking, sound leans towards being clear, impactful and discerning. The stock Oyaide termination cable is also included in case you wish to revert it back to stock. Its less than a year old. Underused as I've been quite busy, and always stored in a dry box when not in use. It comes with all its original accessories, box, receipts, and a Pelican 1010 case. Selling it to make way for CIEMs! PM me at 96488075 to find out more.
  19. Condition : Brand new in box! Selling Price : $30 (Negotiable) An excellent and fantastic pair of earphones while being cheap and affordable at the same time. Reviews: http://alltechtrix.com/blog/soundmagic-es18-review/ http://anytimereference.com/content/soundmagic-es18-ear-headphone-review http://www.richersounds.com/product/all-headphones/soundmagic/es18/soun-es18 Contact me at 9152 7551 if you're interested!
  20. Here's a really nice earphone - for once, a well-balanced sound from top to bottom. This is not a generic 'woodie', a few of which I've purchased myself that have a very choppy or uneven response. This is probably the best IEM I've heard below the Sennheiser IE800's price level. The link includes the video, text, and my own hi-res photo of the Rain2. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=4192
  21. Plussound SPC 4core cable westone pin slight oxidation BNP $150 Null audio arete cable westone pin BNP $50 -last photo WhatsApp 85301281 or pm me for more info ]
  22. WTS Selling Shure In-Ear Monitors SE315 and SE535LTD-J (Red Limited Edition SE535s) Both are used but in excellent condition - 9.5/10 Around 6-8 months old for both but extremely well maintained SE315 for 220 SGD (Retails 319 SGD) SOLD SE535 for 679 SGD (Retails 779 SGD) Price negotiable but no lowballers please! All accessories are included (including carrying case and additional tips) Contact at kuicksand (at) gmail.com or at 8200 4556 Cheers!
  23. Looking to sell my Shure IEMs. Slightly over a year old, but rarely used. In excellent condition. As good as new. Comes with the box and all standard accessories. SGD$220. Open to offers. Please contact me at +65 8323 0438 if you are interested. Thank you.
  24. Wts Westone UM Pro 30. Got as a gift so I don't have the receipt, assume no warranty. Excellent condition with great sound. Selling at $340. (RRP $649) Will consider trades for W4R/W40. SMS 90665527.
  25. Selling a set of used Shure SE535 Special Edition Sound Isolating Earphones. Standard Retail Price of SGD779. Bought last year from Jaben 19/8/2012. Earphones are in fantastic condition. Just changed to Olive tips, not used since I changed them. Full package + Box intact. The spare tips given are NOT used at all and are all included. Earphone case included as well. The cables are a bit greyish (originally they were white), but function perfectly. Very popular earphones! Reason I'm selling is due to upgrading to better earphones in the market. Letting go this beauty at a price of SGD350. SMS 91452725 if interested for fast deal. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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