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***Mass Order/Bulk Purchase Rules***

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Rules for Mass Order/Bulk Purchases


To avoid clogging the threads with unrelated queries and facilitate easy monitoring by both Organizer and Participants, please adhere to the following guidelines.


Points to note for the Organizer who initiates the Mass Order


1) The Organizer must include/maintain the following in his or her thread:


a. Item of interest and product details.


b. Recommended Retail/Street Price, Price of item if Mass Order is successful, and exchange rates if any.


c. Information on the source/vendor, as well as any warranty information.


d. Minimum number of interested participants before the Mass Order can proceed.


e. Method of payment and collection details.


f. Deadline by which confirmation of interest by the Participants must be received.


g. Deadline by which confirmation of price and availability by the Vendor must be received.


h. Locking of the thread by the Organizer once the items arrive and criteria from (a) - (g) have been met.


2) A member will only be allowed to have a maximum of THREE Mass Order threads active at any one time. If there are more than three MO threads, we will close off the old thread(s).


3) It is the organizer's prerogative to call off the exercise at any time.



Points to note for the Participants of the Mass Order


1) Participants indicate their interest to join the Mass Order by replying to the thread and indicate their name into a list. If there are already other participants in the list, it's the responsibility of the Participant to ensure that the list of previous participants is reproduced faithfully. Please 'copy and paste' the previous list of participants, as well as existing information provided by the Organizer, into your new reply, and then add your own information.


2) No thread crashing and posting irrelevant discussion will be tolerated.


3) Moderators and Administrator reserve the right to amend or delete posts within the Mass Order thread should any member do not follow the guidelines. Notification will be given to the member affected if his/her post(s) has been modified/deleted.


4) Participants who ignore the Rules after official warning will have their warn meters increased.


These rules will be strictly enforced.





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