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  • Headphones
    Grado HP1000/HP2 w/ JGSUWBR (my holy grail!), HD650/Equinox LE, K501 Previously owned: Grado PS-1, RS-1, MS-Pro, GS1000, MS2i, SR60, Beyer DT-880'03, DT-990'06, DT-150, Ultrasone Edition 9, Audio Technica ATH-W5000, Senn HD650/Zu Mobius, HD600, Stax 3030 classic system
  • Headphone amplifiers
    Eddie Current Zana Deux #44, Diva Headamp, Porta Corda III Previously owned: Corda HA-2 MKII, Earmax Pro, Original Master, Little Dot II, XiangSheng 708B, RSA SR71, PS Audio GCHA (I am missing this!), Rudistor RPX-33 MKII, Yamamoto HA-02, Total BitHead, PINT (AD8397 OPAMPS)..
  • Sources
    Linn Akurate DS w/ Dynamik PSU, CEC TL51XR Previously owned: NAD C521 BEE, Musical Fidelity X-Ray, Cyrus CD7, Squeezebox 3, Bel Canto DAC3
  • Other equipment
    Michael Green Deluxe JustaRack, PS Audio Duet Power Center, ADAM A7X, PLUTO Loudspeakers (going to build), Apple Universal Dock, Macassar Ebony cones, Unicones, Ringmat Domes, DH Cones & Squares, 6SL7 NOS tubes, 1969's Svetlana 6C33C-B "winged-C" tubes, Mapleshade Excalibur Ribbons IC, Blacksand Violet Z1, Acrolink 6N-P4030 with Oyaide P/C-004, Gregg Straley's power cord.
  • Favourite configuration used
    Currently: Linn Akurate DS (dynamik'd) → Zana Deux → Joseph Grado HP-2 / HD650 / ADAM A7X Favorite used in the Past: 1. CEC TL51XR → Bel Canto DAC3 as source: a. PS Audio GCHA → Grado RS-1 b. RPX-33 MKII → HD600 w/ stock cord c. Yamamoto HA-02 → DT990 2. MF X-RAY → Corda HA-2 MKII / Earmax Pro → MS-Pro
  • Team:
    Team "need another tube headphone amp like a hole in the head"

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    In Limbo
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    weiqi/Go/baduk, fountain pens, photography, books, cooking, video games
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