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  1. Am selling the above cable brand new, only taken out to test. Comes with receipt from Stereo electronics dated 25 Sep. Am selling as I find the cable too long for me. RP at $75.
  2. You are not allowed to post WTS. Read the rules.
  3. Nah, I think I'll probably stop as is for now till I do something to my source (which is an iPod Classic). Of course, the portable amp option is a tempting proposition, but I'm just too lazy to carry additional stuff out when listening on the road.
  4. Just wanted to share my experiences at Stereo today. Being an ultimate suakoo at portable audiDo, I headed down to Stereo to audition some IEMs, having come from some Koss KSC75s that leaked sound like hell. Was served by Aaron today, and great service - advice was honest, great and managed to get an Westone UM1 in the end. Of course, took the opportunity to try out the iBasso D2 (BOA?) as well, and it sounded great too. Keep up the good work Stereo!
  5. A million thanks to zhapchit for facilitating this MO. Am pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of the KSC75. My apologies for arriving late, I thought the collection time was from 7pm onwards instead of 6pm. Thanks once again.
  6. Rejoice! The headphones are finally here! Actually, I was wondering if someone will be kind enough to help me collect this (living near CCK), as I will be having exams this coming Mon. But if otherwise, I will be opting for option c). Many thanks to zhapchit for conducting the MO once again. My ears are singing after finding new earphones.
  7. Hi, Thanks for the advice. As you can see, I have already amended my asking price to be $10 flat some time ago. My apologies for violating the guidelines, will take a look too. Regards, borez
  8. Argh, I'm late again. If anyone backs out, let me know. Am willing to take one set. EDIT: Got my set from zhapchit's MO, thanks to all.
  9. Argh, am too late to see this. If anyone wants to let go of their headphones, do let me know. Am willing to take over. Thanks.
  10. Argh, am too late to see this. If anyone wants to let go of their headphones, do let me know. Am willing to take over. Thanks.
  11. upz for the day (if it's allowed?) edited some information.
  12. Hi there, it's still available. Bid noted - could you PM me your contact?
  13. Want to sell the following: A pair of new Audio Technica CM8 earphones that I got off a HWZ sale sometime back. Am not sure of the exact model, would need you guys to help me ID this too. It's a dual-function earbud, with both open and closed sides (please see picture). No box or anything, just the earbuds. Comes with a rather short cable (approx 75cm), no extension cable. Only worn it once (to try to fit it in), as I initally bought this for the closed portion, only to realise that I cannot fit this in. Have yet to do any burn in too (I forgot about this until I saw this chucked aside in my drawer). As this is a low cost item, I would like to meet at my convenience (CCK MRT on weekday evenings), or deal through post (postage to be charged at cost, separately). Personal opinions (subjective) using the open portion of the earbuds: It provides slightly more warmth compared to my burned in 888s (with the paper removal mod), but its not as clear and tight compared to the 888s. Similar characteristics to the 888s (less bassy). May require more extensive burn in to improve quality. One of the buyers fly aeroplane. First person to offer $10 will get it (excluding postage). Strictly to be dealt by post only. Some pictures: [img=]http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/5760/earbuds1ix0.jpg[/img]
  14. Haha, that's hilarious. Thanks for the welcome though. Well, SGH isn't killing my SGD.. ClubSNAP is.
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