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  1. They are called Earbud. You might want to try Sennheiser MX560/660/760. Roundup review of different earbud http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/441400/earbuds-round-up They do have a new range, MX580 / MX581, check out the review here. http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/511784...qually-fabulous
  2. My collection is larger than his ONCE i win the TOTO.
  3. Amazon would be the best place to shop online with the best price most of the time. You could ship it over to Singapore using Vpost which couldn't cost much.
  4. nurse Off topic: noticed this in who posted in this thread. aloozer 1599 nofing 1169
  5. I send in just the earphones. If I still remember correctly, it cost me 50 bucks to send it over. But of course there are other cheaper option but I prefer to use a service that can be tracked down and quick. I will list down the steps for sending over. 1) Email Etymotic of the problem and where you bought it 2) Etymotic will reply you with their address and your RMA number (To be written down on a piece of paper with your SG address and send it over together with your earphones) 3) Go Singpost and chose your sending method 4) Wait for around 1-2weeks 5) A strange package arrive at your doorstep 6) Enjoy BTW Etymotic will ship it back to you for free. I'm really lucky as I send it in just a few days before my warranty expire. radioactive28: can send me the price of the custom ER4 at SE? Custom as in cable or ear mold?
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