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  1. As above, all in great working condition. Reserve the right to withdraw items for sales if prices are not hit or other unforeseen circumstances. RFS: Upgrade MrSpeakers Alpha Prime Gotten from fellow forumer few days ago, sound did not suit me, hence selling out. Claret Color. Comes with Thor Copper 8 wire Upgrade cable from Effect Audio, as well as 4 pin xlr stock cable. With box and headphone stand. Condition: 9.9/10 RP:$750 Denon D2000 - SOLD SOLD Yulong U100 DAC/AMP About 2 years. With box. Condition: 9/10 BNP: $100 Styleaudio CARAT-HD1V DAC About 2+ years Condition: 8/10 BNP: $25
  2. try re0 or silver bullet...
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