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  1. Youtube review: http://youtu.be/EDq-9pRtfBA Photo: http://dalethorn.com/Photos/iPhone_XsMax/Headphone_Dac_Amp_Fiio_Q1ii_01.jpg Sources: iPhone XsMax, iPad Pro 11-inch, Oppo HA-2se/DragonFly Cobalt DAC-amps, AudioQuest DragonTail USB-C. When I first read about the FiiO Q1-II, I ignored it, having other premium portable iPhone-compatible DACs on hand. I understood from various reviews that it was "OK", i.e. good for the $99 USD price - about the same as the AQ DragonFly Black. My impression of the DF Black was a slightly grainy sound compared to the DF Red and the Oppo HA-2, and my impression of the Q1-II is better insofar as being relatively clean and clear. Listening to 44/16 and 44/24 WAV tracks on my iPad Pro, using a short Micro-USB to USB-A cable coupled to the AQ DragonTail USB-C adapter, driving the highly detailed Grado White headphone, I hear nothing less than good distortion-free hi-fi sound. $99 USD is quite a bargain for a well-made DAC/amp with the Q1-II's features, as long as it sounds good under typical listening conditions, which it does by a comfortable margin. FiiO optimized the Q1-II for iPhones, such that it doesn't draw power from them during playback. It does draw power from the USB-C iPad Pro, much as it does from USB-C cellphones, but the amount of power draw isn't that significant for me. I didn't compare the Q1-II to the DF Cobalt or Oppo HA-2 directly, but several long listening sessions have convinced me that the Q1-II will be satisfactory for hi-fi listening, with the possible exception of critical listening where the user knows precisely what to expect from the better DACs under those conditions, playing specific music tracks that yield the maximum expected critical detail. One issue when using a fairly bright headphone like the Grado is with music tracks that have a bit of edginess or hardness in the upper frequencies - these tracks may sound slightly more edgy than with the DF Cobalt, but your mileage will vary there. In any case, I'll recommend the Q1-II straightaway for these users: 1) Audiophiles needing a small portable DAC for all listening except as stated in the paragraph above. 2) Those with good enough hearing and experience to appreciate the difference the Q1-II offers compared to having the headphone connected directly to their phone. 3) Those who won't hear the differences immediately, but who trust FiiO to build into the DAC what they say they build in. Don't place any unusual trust in my review, since the music you play and many other factors could net out the differences. Do read as many reviews as possible, focusing on the best-respected reviewers of portable audio gear, especially DACs and headphone amps. The following tracks were selected from my review of the Grado White headphone, as that headphone has the most detailed reproduction of the headphones I've reviewed in 2019. The Grado review represents its sound when using the DragonFly Cobalt, while the music tracks below represent the Grado's sound using the FiiO Q1-II. Le Voyage Dans La Lune: Soundtrack to a hand-painted color movie. A terrific variety of sounds that show off the excellent audio qualities of the WH1/Q1-II. Muse - Madness: Strong detailed bass line with mass vocals. Clearly delineated by the WH1/Q1-II. Mylene Farmer - Desenchantee: French vocal over a driving beat. Very enjoyable with the WH1/Q1-II. Robyn Hitchcock - Autumn Is Your Last Chance: Acoustic/electric guitar with compelling vocal. Pure class as reproduced by the WH1/Q1-II. Samantha James - Amber Sky: Reverberant instrumentation and ethereal vocal. Dreamy stuff that sounds amazing on the WH1/Q1-II. Satchmode - Best Intentions: Atmospheric vocals over a detailed tight bass line. Exquisite reproduction by the WH1/Q1-II. Sneaker Pimps - Underground (Nellee Hooper Mix): Slow-paced club music with female vocal and subtle bass impacts. The bass in this track will be fully appreciated only in a quiet listening spot with the WH1/Q1-II. Soliquid - Shibuya (Paul Keeley Remix): Eight minutes and 50 seconds of heavenly beats and awesome musical synth effects as heard with the WH1/Q1-II. Stones and Bones - Love Lockdown: Ibiza 2014 track with a very spacious atmosphere, modest bass impacts, and a bit of contrapuntal vocal. Outstanding on the WH1/Q1-II. Susanne Sundfor - Accelerate: High-ambiance noise with subtle bass impacts and reverberant vocals. The WH1/Q1-II makes this track come alive. Three-11 Porter - Surround Me With Your Love: Pleasant male-female vocal mix against a big-ambiance backdrop. Lush presentation by the WH1/Q1-II. Visage - Fade To Grey: Atmospheric and reverberant recording supported by a luscious synth line. The WH1/Q1-II plays this perfectly. When Saints Go Machine - Love And Respect: Super-energetic music with reverberant vocal counterpoint. Strong bass impacts delivered cleanly by the WH1/Q1-II. Yaz - Situation: Bright pop-EDM music from the past with a nicely detailed bass line. Played exquisitely by the WH1/Q1-II.
  2. Bought last year, selling the Ak320 player. Hardly got time to use it. Mint condition. Bought it from jaben. Interested parties pls whatsapp me at 90406090. Thanks
  3. WTS 4 days old Cayin I5 384 kHz/32Bit AKM AK4490 DAC Android Bluetooth WiFi Portable Lossless HiFi Music Player. Letting it got for 580. Interested parties pls msg me +65 90406090
  4. As above, all in great working condition. Reserve the right to withdraw items for sales if prices are not hit or other unforeseen circumstances. RFS: Upgrade MrSpeakers Alpha Prime Gotten from fellow forumer few days ago, sound did not suit me, hence selling out. Claret Color. Comes with Thor Copper 8 wire Upgrade cable from Effect Audio, as well as 4 pin xlr stock cable. With box and headphone stand. Condition: 9.9/10 RP:$750 Denon D2000 - SOLD SOLD Yulong U100 DAC/AMP About 2 years. With box. Condition: 9/10 BNP: $100 Styleaudio CARAT-HD1V DAC About 2+ years Condition: 8/10 BNP: $25
  5. Schiit Asgard 2 - $350 Working condition 10/10 Physical condition 9/10 Comes with box, power cable. Schiit Bifrost USB Gen 1 uber analog - $450 Working condition 10/10 Physical condition 9/10 Comes with box, power cable Immaculate condition and always covered when not in use. Fully burned in. Local set for Asgard 2. Bifrost direct from Schiit.com. 2 years old for both sets. About 3 years warranty left. Take both for $750
  6. Interested in selling a self-assembled Objective 2 Headphone Amplifier. All parts assembled in accordance to nwavguy's schematic. Comes with rechargeable batteries and wall wart charger. Amp is in black enclosure with transparent acrylic front. Selling for $100 Contact me at eighttwotwothreefive380
  7. I am Selling off my Portable Headphone Amp - cypher labs algorhythm piccolo I need more powerful amp to drive my Audeze lcd-2 http://www.cypherlab...rhythm-picollo/ It is 2 month old used around 5 times retail price is SGD $699. I am willing to let go for SGD $290 Condition mint 10/10 1 Year warranty Everything is there including the original box. Interested parties can sms or whatsapp me +65 90406090
  8. I am Selling off my Portable Headphone Amp - cypher labs algorhythm piccolo I need more powerful amp to drive my Audeze lcd-2 http://www.cypherlab...rhythm-picollo/ It is 2 month old used around 5 times retail price is SGD $699. I am willing to let go for SGD $290 Condition mint 10/10 1 Year warranty Everything is there including the original box. Interested parties can sms or whatsapp me +65 90406090
  9. Plussound SPC 4core cable westone pin slight oxidation BNP $150 Null audio arete cable westone pin BNP $50 -last photo WhatsApp 85301281 or pm me for more info ]
  10. Selling the above mentioned items. About 1 years old. Originally purchased at a total of SGD$6049 Now selling as a package for only SGD$3899 A whooping savings of $2150! Or you can purchase individually LCD-3 - $1999 nego(orig $2850) Yamamoto - $1399 nego (orig $1899) Gungnir - $599 nego (orig $1300) Note prices are in SGD as opposed to the websites of USD - delivery isn't included in their prices as well. Even if you're not an audiophile - you'll enjoy it. Enjoy audiophile quality music at a great price. I'll even throw I'm a iPod touch 5th gen 64gb. Contact me @ 98596288. Note : slight user marks exist but functionality remains at absolutely 100% Cheers and have a nice day. Don't be afraid to offer me - the worst case scenario is just a no. P.S I'm selling to purchase a canon 5dmk3
  11. Very good physical and perfect working condition. Black colour. Out of warranty but will give 7 days personal. Comes with silicon stand, USB cable and power adapter. Treoo selling $599. NuForce Icon HDP Headphone Amp/DAC & Preamp - Black | TREOO.com Reviews here or you can google. NuForce Icon HDP (High-end Headphone Amp, USB DAC, Preamp) For sale at $250 but negotiable. If interested, sms to nine 179 six 173. Prefer to deal in East at Simei.
  12. For sale is a 2 months old perfect condition Top of the line Ray Samuels Intruder Amp. Black. This is the best portable amp iv'e ever heard, single ended it blows my sr-71a away. On balanced, its a whole new league. Simply stunning sounding, this will be the only portable amp you will ever need, it will power any headphone or iem to their full potential. Hear to believe. This retails for around $1000 bought from Ray Samuels directly. I'm willing to take a huge loss if you're a sincere buyer. Contact me at 9oo29179 to deal and make an offer. I'll throw in a few goodies as well.
  13. item has been sold
  14. Bought in Audio Iconic Singapore in 2011 at $470. In good condition with box , receipt and accessories. Previously I use it to drive my HD600. Now I want to upgrade both so let it go at $300. Check my another thread selling the HD600 http://www.sgheadphones.net/index.php?showtopic=13059&st=0&p=131119&&do=findComment&comment=131119 Contact hp: 81851869. You can also drop me an email at scutpetercai@gmail.com to get more pics. Can deal at place near NUS.
  15. CALL OR SMS WARREN AT 9396-2787 Up for sale is a CREEK AUDIO OBH-11 "SPECIAL EDITION" Headphone Amp. This is a classic piece of British Hi-Fi engineering. Plug in your high-end Grado's or Sennheisers, and listen to your headphones sing! This limited edition version of the headphone amplifier features all discrete circuitry (no Op-Amps like the standard OBH-11) and runs Class A for highest fidelity. Comes with two original CREEK AUDIO OBH-2 Regulated Power Supplies (both 240VAC ~ 50Hz & 120VAC ~ 60HZ), so you are covered anywhere in the world to use this amp! Creek doesn't make this model any longer. Here's your chance to get a like-new, well taken care of amp for half of the original price! SGD $250 OBO Can meet to deal at any central MRT station, ie, City Hall, Dhoby Ghaut, Raffles Place, Bugis, etc. CALL OR SMS WARREN AT 9396-2787
  16. Hi there, I have a TTVJ Slim Portable Headphone Amp without DAC. Almost never used, powered on once or twice but never after that. Bought it but switched to home audio after that. Look for $300 slightly negotiable. Contact me at nine 4 five 5 9 5 four 1 to deal. Thanks! Review: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/you-can-take-it-you-survey-portable-usb-headphone-ampdacs-ttvj-slim
  17. Product: solo green amp from local Jaben condition: 9/10 warranty: 4 months left price: 550SGD Contact: SMS 82833889
  18. Description of Item : UE6000 Condition : 10/10 mint - Excellent condition, Full box and everything Warranty : 8months (bought in November'12) Selling price : $180NEG (Retails for $319 at stereo electronics) Stereo your one stop headphones and earphones store in Singapore Preferred Location : City Area or Boon Lay Preferred Mode of Contact : PM me UE6000 is a pretty damn good looking pair of cans. Look better than beats, sounds a hell lot better than beats. Awesome mid bass slams. Nothing sounds muddy. You also get additional noise cancelling if you are in a noisy environment. Makes it a darn good steal. some reviews: Review: Logitech UE 6000 - Portable Audio - CNET Asia Review: Logitech UE 9000, 6000, and 900 Headphones | Sound and Vision Magazine [REVIEW] Logitech UE9000 - Ultimate Ears HEADPHONES Released! The UE4000, UE6000 and the UE9000 - Impressions Thread Logitech UE 6000 Headphones Description of Item : .25 Ordnance amp/dac Condition : 10/10 mint - Excellent condition Warranty : 9 months (bought on 31/12/12 ) Selling price : $120NEG (Retails for USD199 at jaben online store) Jaben Online Store Preferred Location : City Area or Boon Lay Preferred Mode of Contact : PM me The .25 Ordnance, also known as the poor man's predator. YES I AM A POOR MAN. But frankly, they serve me damn well. Not much information on it as it's relatively exclusive to jaben. But they are really forward and will make those treble shine like a diamond in the sky~ Mini preddy it is, just it doesnt do much to bass, but improves treble and separation pretty damn well. What makes it even more awesome is that this is an AMP/DAC. anyhow here are some links you can read up on them and see if you'd love them. Print Page - The ordnance .25 , how does it fare? https://jaben.net/forums/index.php?topic=9984.0
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