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  1. im very interested in getting one HFI780 issit possible to get a brandnew and ask for mod service?
  2. im currently using meizu m6 and bijou3, my bijou3 going to spoil soon now im looking at 2nd hand westone um1 and fischer eterna. both price range will be the same i tried westone um1 at stereo and quite like it as my bass boost will slightly make up on the lack of bass. but i cant try eterna or even compare it side by side with um1 so i need some opinions from you guys
  3. i definitely recommend MS1 or SR80 previously im using A700 but sometimes the highs too sharp for me then i traded with 2nd hand MS1, im really loving it anyway if u want A500, u can change the pads to A1000 pad, better quality than the stock one, will not peel
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