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  1. I have a brand new Klipsch X10 for sale. Unopened and brand new. Going for only $200. Interested please contact me @ 98737216.
  2. I have a brand new set of Tirplefi 10 Pro for sale.:thumb2: Unopened. Going for S$350 firm. Interested can contact me @ 98737216.
  3. Is a month old IEM. Decided to sell as I don't like the sound signature of the earphone. Interested please contact me at 98737216. Condition is as good as new. First come first serve basis.
  4. Hi, Selling my 2 weeks old Triplefi Pro 10. Bought it to realise that I don't like the sound signature. Going for $350. Comes with 1 year warranty. Interested please sms me @ 98737216. Comes with all the accessories.
  5. I'm thinking of buying a Triplefi 10 Pro. I need some personal opinions. Anyone else also buying?
  6. I don't think the loclal service center will service the earphone free-of-charge for you since you bought it overseas. Probably they will have to charge a fee for shipment and handling. You will need to contact Shure directly by mail or phone and send it over to US. Take around 3-4 weeks to get it back.
  7. yes two solid two years. I bought a Shure E2C from Audio Performance in Sim Lim Square and it failed on me ( wire snapped) after a year plus of use. Just send it down to local service center with invoice and you will get the warranty service. Pretty fast and swift service. Takes only 1 week to service it and back with a brand new pair.
  8. is kinda hard for him to decide. Not all of the people here know what he wants....(best sound quality?). Personally I will not really go into any Mp3 players yet. It seems like the Mp3 market is still not stable yet. With the recent dispute and now comes the Zune from Microsoft. But anyway if i am supposed to buy now i will got for Iriver E10. Small, sweet and nice sound ( I like the Ubass EQ on it. It sounds even better than SRS)
  9. what is Lmao? L-size Mao(hair)? hehe.
  10. how about grado sr 225 ??
  11. koljaho


    i saw sansa E260 at funan It mall. Take the Escalator outside the mall to the top floor. There they sell 6gb sansa for the price of nano 4gb.
  12. how much they cost?
  13. Don't think you will like Um1 if you are a previous owner of E4c. Um1 sounds muddy compared to E4 to me. Maybe UM2 may suits u. You may also want to consider the Ety Er4.
  14. so now we are stuck with stereo electronics and jaben........
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