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  1. Mint condition headphone amp. Purchased from jaben, but I've never used it at all. Opened the box only to take pictures and to make sure that the amp is indeed working. Pictures here: Please PM me your best offer. Those of you who has got my number, and if you're interested, feel free to contact me
  2. ahaha those aint op-amp those are regulators LDO type anyway, for the cost. will update later cant remember too many things in small brain of mine
  3. hm I havent got to read whole thread LOL so long... anyway, in any case, I pledge my help here I will provide the photography when necessary LOL then just need to get volunteer "model" to wear the t/shirt when it's done
  4. 2nd board's done maybe I can arrange a loan haha
  5. haha currently in office, didnt bring my camera today rather heavy to bring the camera set everyday i did the soldering in office nice equipment we have here haha will do second board nope, didnt bother abt PPAS I am still in love with my PINT and its case
  6. dig up my own old thread just to say that I've got it done anyone wanna try it out, feel free to contact me and I'll try to arrange
  7. yeah i want the same CD too please tell us whether you get it there if not, let's share from amazon
  8. Anyone interested? rather cheap?or normal pricing? http://www.amazon.com/Altec-Lansing-inMoti...8&s=electronics visited amazon after dle____(cant remember his nick ) pm-ed abt his im716 looks cheap for a clone er4 I'd say (vs the er4 itself)
  9. is DIY solution a solution for u? I'm in the process of ordering some PCB from UK go to head-fi n search for "alien DAC" it's using USB from your PC and the output would be analog line-out please get back to me as I've missed out the 1st run of the board due to waiting too long pricing wise, all stated in headfi I'm just trying to help here, so naturally I'm not earning anything out of you and at the same time I'm not giving any guarantee in any form. if you need a help in putting everything together, that can be discussed later on
  10. Hmm I might want the Dared as I want the DAC function LOL but then, might need to wait. There are more important items to get in near future with my somehow limited money afbug, sound me out when you guys starting the Dared MO
  11. you can try checking with Stereo Electronics (woodlands) or Jaben (adelphi) or maybe try Music By Design (adelphi) For the first two shops I mentioned above, their contacts can be found in this forum as they're sponsors for the forum. I can vouch that both are run by nice people if you still cant get, get it from ttvj. the owner is a nice guy, too admin edited: they are not the sponsors of this forum.
  12. http://www.ttvj.com/index.php?main_page=in...sort=20a&page=3 welcome to sgheadphones I believe you join Clubsnap too?
  13. www.cathayphoto.com.sg or alternatively, for a lot cheaper price, get it from US, ship it over via vpost I'm getting it myself and it's on its way to vpost get it from www.jr.com
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