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    ● OWN: Grado RS-1, AKG k501, Etymotics ER-4P, & Koss KSC35. Senns: HD25-1, HD201, PX200 & MX500. ● OWNed: modded dt880 (sadly destroyed), ms-2 'classic', k240s, e2c, ex71. ● HEARD: hf-1, hp890, e3, ath-f55, w100, w1000, dt-231, k271s, sr-60, sr-125, sr-225, sr-325, rs-2, rs-1, px100, hd600, ex51.
  • Headphone amplifiers
    ● Eddie Current HD-25 (see 'Other Audio Equipment' for tubes owned) ● Meier Audio HeadFive - #369 ● Headsave Classic (dual OPA627, gain 6) (sold)
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    ● Linn Sondek LP12 serial #14515, Infinity Black Widow (Rega-mount variant), Audio Technica AT33PTG ● Garrard 401 serial #4302, SME 3012, Denon DL103 ● Zhaolu v2 DAC (CS4398, TXCO/blackgates upgrade) ● HagUSB ● Denon DCD-835 ● iPod Video 30GB ● iPod Shuffle 1GB ● iRiver iMP-400 ● Marantz CD-94 mkII (sold)
  • Other equipment
    ● Grover UR4 ● Custom Belden 1694A digital coaxial cable (with true 75-ohm RCA connectors) ● 2x Grado Labs 1/8"-to-1/4" adaptor ● Grado Labs Extension Cord ● DIY patch cords - 3 and counting... ● A -really- manly DIY power cord ;) ● Headphile 'Single' Bubinga Stand ● Grado "semi-hard" carrying case ● Grado FLAT pads
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    PC (ASIO bitperfect) > HagUSB > Zhaolu D2.0 > Grover URs > Eddie Current HD-25 > AKG k501

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    *Music!*<br /><br />I have an especial weakness for anything by JS Bach - passions, chamber works, cantatas, masses, solo instrumentals ...you name it.<br /><br />I also enjoy orchestral works by Beethoven, Rachmaninov & Mahler, chamber works by Schumann and solo piano music by Chopin.<br /><br />I also particularly enjoy music by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys, Little Richard and The White Stripes. I like most indie music.<br /><br /><br />*Tubes!*<br /><br />● 6SN7 TUBES (arranged alphabetically):<br />CBS 5692 x1<br />Channel Master 6SN7GTB x1<br />NU 6SN7GT black glass x3 NOS<br />Raytheon 6SN7GTB x3<br />RCA VT-231 grey glass round mica x8 (x4 NOS)<br />Sovtek 6SN7GT x1<br />Sylvania 6SN7GT 1952 x5 [4x NOS NIB]<br />Sylvania 6SN7GTB x2<br />Sylvania 6SN7GTA x1<br />Sylvania 6SN7W metal base x1<br />Tung-Sol Round Plate x1<br /><br />● Loktal types:<br />1x 7N7 Sylvania black glass NOS NIB<br />2x 7N7 NU-made grey glass NOS NIB<br />2x 14N7 tall bottles (1x round plate, 1x T-plate) NOS NIB<br />3x 7N7 short bottles black glass MYSTERY TUBES! (marked Sylvania) NOS NIB<br />5x 14N7 tall bottles black glass MYSTERY TUBES! (marked GE) NOS NIB<br /><br />● Noval types<br />Philips SQ Heerleen-made 6922 x2 NOS NIB<br />RCA 12AU7A 'Cleartops' x11 NOS NIB<br />Shuguang 12AX7A x4 NIB<br />Sovtek 12AX7LPS x6 NOS NIB<br />Philips JAN 5687 x5<br /><br />● OTHER TUBES:<br />4x GE 6AS7GA<br />6x RCA 6AS7G [5x black-plate bottom-getter 1951 NOS NIB]<br />1x RCA 6080<br /><br />● 3x NOS TDA1541A S2 "double crowns"<br />● 9x NOS TDA1541A<br /><br />● B&K 747b Solid State Tube Tester<br />● Headphile 'Single' Bubinga Stand<br />● Grado "semi-hard" carrying case
  1. Great condition, asking $650. Comes with original box (good condition too), receipts, bowl pads and flat pads (which cost $55). Any takers? SMS 97845587 (do not call, overseas right now).
  2. Ashkenazy is a safe choice. So is Rubinstein (stereo version) on RCA. Yet another safe choice is Moravec. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for that great writeup. tbln, is that 5692 you're running the one I sold you?
  4. Thanks for that cmk. Will look into it.
  5. Just in case anyone is interested. NOS NIB matched pair Heerlen Philips 6922 E88CC tubes NOS matched quad Tung Sol D-getter 5687 tubes NOS NIB sleeve of 5 Philips JAN 5687WB 5687 tubes ...and something which I think quite a few folks might be interested in... NOS Philips TDA1541A S2 TDA1541AS2 "Double Crown" DAC Happy bidding!
  6. Liquid silicon releases vinegar as it cures and hardens (acetic acid) - you might want to consider this. Can't be good for the electrical bits in this.
  7. Some slightly late recommendations. It's still difficult to beat the true; JS Bach. Remember that Beethoven and Mozart both looked up to this man. Some favourites: The Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 played on the harpsichord by Celine Frisch. (outstanding recorded quality) The Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 played on the piano by Glenn Gould. (outstanding recorded quality) The 2-part Sinfonias and 3-part Inventions, played on the piano by Glenn Gould. (excellent recorded quality) Mass in B minor, conducted by Klemperer. (outstanding recorded quality) The Well Tempered Clavier, book 1 played on the piano by Angela Hewitt. (excellent recorded quality) The Well Tempered Clavier, book 1 played on the harpsichord by Wanda Landowska. (slightly less-than-perfect sound - it was recorded in the 50s - but a compelling listen nonetheless) As you can see, I have a few repeat recommendations which are just played on different instruments. The piano will likely be the more "accessible" instrument, but I enjoy the harpsichord just as much.
  8. Hello all, I’m regrettably releasing some tubes that I will likely never use. These tubes are the good ones culled from countless eBay purchases and tube trades – so I’ve taken the risk out of the equation for you. No wildly humming, wrongly advertised/identified and poor testing tubes to be found here! I'm selling most of these tubes at a loss - you can check eBay for the (insane) prices many of these tubes are currently going for. The money from these sales will go towards funding my analog rig. Before I begin, here are some important pieces of information for all you prospective buyers. Read them carefully! *** Contact me via email/PM – first come, first served. *** *** If you're based overseas, I charge cost for packing/shipping – no sneaky hidden profits here! You may combine items to reduce total shipping. *** Here are links to my eBay and Head-Fi feedback. (tubes were mostly tested on a Hickok 6000A tester: poor < OK < strong < very strong < NOS) You may check out what other people think of these tubes here. Detailed descriptions – 1. 1x CBS brown base 5692, testing NOS - S$80 - tests 2700/2650 (1250 min) - brown base, green print, jet-black plates, excellent top gettering - 100% for prints and labels photo 2. 1x Tungsol round plate 6SN7/VT231, testing NOS - S$105 - 2900/3000 (1250 min) - round plates, oval top mica - missing centre plastic guide pin, otherwise 100% for prints and labels - I have marked out the ‘key’ on the base so that you can correctly insert this tube - purchase with other Tungsol round plate for $150/pr – they make a 5% matched pair! 3. 1x Cossor (Brimar made) black glass 6SN7GT, NOS NIB - S$75 - positively identified as a rebranded Brimar earliest make 6SN7GT - round top mica, jet black glass - clear top glass free from brown/black/metallic stains, indicating zero use - rebranded as a Cossor, NOS NIB with all original inserts - 100% for prints and labels photo 4. 2x matched pair black glass 14N7s, both labeled Sylvania, testing NOS - S$40/pr - 5% matched between sections – 2700/2800 & 2650/2750 (1250 min) - identical construction – rare black glass, short bottle, getter flashing extending halfway down tube, jet-black T-plates, additional copper support rod within - one tube is 100% for prints and labels, the other has labels slightly rubbed off but still visible. photo 5. 2x matched pair black glass 14N7s, labeled Philco & Zenith, same date codes NOS NIB - S$40/pr - 5% matched between sections – 2700/2700 & 2750/2700 (1250 min) - identical construction – tall bottle, getter flashing extending halfway down tube, jet-black T-plates, additional copper support rod within - 100% for prints and labels photo 6. 1x Westinghouse (WE made) 421A, testing NOS - S$100 - Bought from Brent Jesse Recording in 2005, never used - Western Electric made for Westinghouse Corp. – WE quality with better material, stronger vacuum and superior section matching in factory - dual top getters and extra thick glass, black plates - missing centre plastic guide pin, otherwise 100% for prints and labels - I have marked out the ‘key’ on the base so that you can correctly insert this tube - Tests 110/110 on a B&K747 (55 is ‘bad/replace’, ‘good‘ starts at 80 and maxes at 120) - S&H is $7 for airmail to the CONUS (est. 7-11 working days delivery) delivery) photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 While every care will be taken to ensure that you get your tubes safely, all items are sold as-is with no warranty of any kind implied. I will work with you to resolve any problems that may crop up. Cheers!
  9. Thanks all for the replies, much appreciated.
  10. 'Converting upwards' is in effect, subjecting 'coffee' (music) that has already been 'filtered' (encoded using a LOSSY method) to another 'filter' - you can only lose 'flavour' (sound quality) if you do that. Forgive the bad analogy. And end up with a larger filesize too! The only method to fully take advantage of 320kbps would be to re-encode from the original WAV files.
  11. Anyone have any idea where I can pick up a first gen 1GB Shuffle in Singapore? Thinking of getting an extra/backup Shuffle.
  12. Actually, the current gen iPod video falls way short of the first iPod Shuffle for SQ IMO. I own both. After comparing the video to the shuffle, you'll need EQ with the iPod video, and that sucks batt life away like... Something that's really good at sucking away batt life I guess.
  13. This arrived in the mail today... Dad, who used to collect records (>10 years ago), dropped by and opined that it's a NM. I'm having difficulty finding even hairline marks under a bright light. As of now I'm up to 3 for both sides. What do you guys think? And one last question - how do I store this sucker? On it's side? Flat? Help! Apologies for the blurriness of some of the photos - the camera was having difficulty focusing on the shiny vinyl!
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