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  1. Brand new, sealed in box iPod Touch. Asking price $400. Please note that this unit was received as part of the Edu Promotion. I'll need to cut out part of the packaging in order to obtain the cash rebate from Apple. Please do send a PM if you're interested. Thanks. P/s: still looking for a set of Usher S520 too.
  2. I have, or have had, the Westone UM1, UM2 and the ES2. My experience with them is that the hiss you're hearing is a combination of the high sensitivities of these earphones as well as the "inherent" noise floor of the device to which the earphones are plugged into. I have tried to completely eliminate this hiss by sticking something (e.g., attenuators and good/bad/cheap/expensive portable amps) in between the phones and the source device but, in truth, I was never really satisfied with the result.
  3. Looking for a pair of S520. Please send a PM if you have these for sale. Thanks.
  4. For sale is a 20GB U2 iPod (4G, non-colour screen, click wheel) that was originally purchased off the Apple Store as a refurbished unit. Although the warranty had recently expired (30th June), the unit is, nonetheless, in quite good condition still. I'd rate it at 7/10. Asking $200 for it (and its full set of Apple-provided acessories). Will include the silicon case with plastic screen cover that the iPod has been kept in too. Self-collect at Bukit Panjang. Please PM me if you're interested. Negotiations welcomed. Thanks.
  5. Nofing, it's true my first post provide rather scant information regarding the flat pads, no information about the comfies and make absolute no mention of the Senn HD414 pads. Did it ever occur to you that it's because this wasn't a review about the various headphone padding variants to begin with? I started this topic to see if other members here have any experience with the flat pads to share. The little information I provided was to make clear which pads I was refering to. Then you came in and were confused about the different types of pads - you even threw the HD414 into the mix. Well, since you mentioned the HD414 I would have thought you had some idea what they were. Even if you didn't, the first hits on Google for HD414 would have shown you what they look like. And Aron had also chimed in, remarking that the HD414 were like the pads on the SR-60 or MS-1, only they are yellow. Regarding the "origins of the flat pads", did you even read after I had suggested you to? In case, you still have not, I assure you it wasn't about the history of Grado earpad production. It was, in fact, referring to the fact that the flat pads were originally shipped with the RS-1 (hence, "origins"). I'm sorry if you took those words literally, but hey, it's not my fault. So if you would put all those information together, make a few connections, give it some independent thought, you would have been able to answer your own questions. Especially questions like "So are the flats like modded comfies?". It's not too hard, really. Or was that too much work for you? Finally, regarding your comment about foam and comfies in you last post. As to what material I think comfies are of? I would have to say foam (surprise surprise). But surely you realise there are many types of foam around. It is my opinion that the flat pads and bowl pads are off the same material (I can only fathom a guess as I have no experience with the flats, which explains why this thread exists). The comfies are made of something else; similar, but not quite the same thing I'm sure. But they're all termed foam anyway. I hope you weren't hoping I would be able to relate the differences between the various type of foam to their constituent polymers, if that's what you meant in your last post. I'm sorry this thread got derailed. I suppose it will get locked soon. Maybe I'll receive a warning for this too. Oh well.
  6. No, the flat pads are not modded comfies. No, they don't have the same design. And no, I don't think they are of the same material cos the flat pads look like they are made from the same foam as the bowl pads. But yes, Nofing, it would benefit you to read the first post where I have written down some information about the origins of the flat pads.
  7. Dang those look great. They're almost exactly what I had in mind when I had my ES2 made last year. I wished my ES2 had turned out as pretty.
  8. That is correct. The most obvious difference is that flats have this gaping hole in the middle (see pic above).
  9. Flats = as above Comfies = the stock pad that ships with the SR-60 and MS-1 HD414 = Senns pads; they're those yellow pads you sometimes see on someone else's Grados/Alessandros Lazy to get pics though, heh.
  10. Does anyone have an opinion regarding the use of flat pads with the RS-1? Not to be confused with the SR-60 comfies, I refer to these: Image courtesy of TTVJ - http://www.ttvj.com/ They used to ship with the early production RS-1 but they're now a $50 pair of foam. They get a lot of recommendation on Head-Fi; every RS-1 discussion invariably makes a mention of them. For what it's worth, I currently have the bowl pads and I don't think they may be too bright or harsh. The RS-1, however, do make my ES2 sound somewhat dull in comparison but that's another issue altogether. So I'm hoping if anyone can share his/her experience with the flats pads. Thanks.
  11. I had the UM2 with the UM56 some time ago. The one thing that the UM56 did improve on was that it opened up the sound as compared to UM2 + Shure grey tips.With the Shure tips, it felt rather veiled and somewhat muffled across the entire range. However, I cannot attest to the comfort of customs, be it earmolds (UM56) or full custom earpieces (ES2). To be honest, the Shure tips, or even the CX300 (albeit it doesn't go in as deep) were certainly more comfortable to put on.
  12. Gonna give these to my dad if they don't move over the weekend.
  13. WITHDRAWN due to a lack of interest; my dad has them now. For sale is a set of Grado SR-60 in mint condition. They were purchased only most recently (22/05/07) from Stereo Electronics; the box and the receipt were retained. Actual usage of these SR-60 was a little over a week; I've been neglecting them entirely since getting my hands on a used RS-1 last week, so hence the sale. I'm looking to get $100 for these. Please send a PM if you are interested. Thanks for looking.
  14. Hello all, I'm looking to purchase a Grado RS-1. I have always intended to buy new but I guess I'm done waiting for one now. Please PM me (include details of its age and condition, and price) if you have one of those for sale. Thanks.
  15. rkivie

    Imod or not?

    Given the lengthy delay already, I think the next gen iPod would almost certainly be a "true" video iPod, ie: large touch screen not unlike the iPhone (hit the usual rumour/news site for, errr, rumours). Not sure if that will interfere with its "mod-ability" but I imagine there would be some who would likely stab themselves in the heart if such an iPod is indeed released after an iMod is ordered.
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